My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 20

“Nikki, you’re a mermaid now, so I’m going to take you to Lila because Lila knows everything. It’s raining right now. I’ll teleport you outside Lila’s cabin. No questions. Just crawl in and tell Lila who the heck you are and that I sent you. She’ll teleport you to the mermaids’ place, wherever that is.” Leo tried to use magic to teleport her, but it didn’t work and he gave up, so he had Toby fly her to Lila. He put a wet towel around her to keep her from drying out.

And after they’d left, he teleported himself (which took practice but was easier than trying to do it to Nikki) to his cabin and fell asleep soundly for the first time in days.

The End

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