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Blog, 8/20/2013

I’m blogging this from my Java classroom. It’s lunchtime… but there’s no way I’d stay in that lunchroom any longer. Why? Here’s what it’s like.

Sights: A dirty table. There’s a poster apparently advertising the “Fresman Dance,” which fresmen (someone enlighten me: what’s a fresman?) at “7-9” at an unspecified date, in the cafeteria. It’s done in rainbow marker over a background of balloons. A large portion of the poster is occupied by a set of rainbow bubble letters declaring that the theme is “Swagtastic.”

Sounds: The teenage girls behind me. If chimpanzees could giggle, this is how they’d sound.

Touch: The ambient grease is palpable.

Smells: You don’t want to know.

Taste: Um…

Better to be in this Java classroom, surrounded by incomprehensible Java textbooks, accounting textbooks with covers displaying altogether too cheerful teenagers pointing at something, and nerds doing strange things with code and black command boxes.

Class is starting. This is the nerd… signing off.

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