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Blog, 8/8/13

Bleh. It’s been, what, seven months?

I’ve been working on something different, and I really like it. The latest project is a steampunk novel I’ve been picking away at, and I’m really pleased with how it’s been coming along.

It starts off with a scholar/governor character (his name is Gabriel) picking a girl out of one of his city’s gutters–literally–because she looks like his late wife. Turns out she’s the only surviving noble from a nearby city; the rest of her family was wiped out by a disease called hephrol that’s been causing havoc everywhere, and rather than stay and be killed by the next uprising leader, 13-year-old Ella ran to Corveny and managed to keep herself alive there for a while. Gabriel finds out she has a knack for mechanics and gets along really well with his wife’s son James, so she stays because she’s useful.

Then he gets kidnapped by the pirates that have been viciously attacking Corveny for months, and James and Ella go after him, along the way meeting a cyborg boy who has nowhere else to go and a genetically engineered empath who won’t leave them alone. They’re Gabriel’s getaway, really, because he’s poisoned a bunch of the pirates (in a way that only a scholar would know about) and found out some useful information. Mainly: the pirates aren’t pirates. They’re privateers: hired to kidnap nobles and leaders by a family that’s trying to build an empire, which is against a treaty that all the cities’ leaders signed, agreeing that their cities would remain ONLY cities.

In addition, this family has spread hephrol to noble families they wanted to topple through makeup: the women would apply it, get sick, and then spread the sickness to their male relatives. (Ella, who didn’t wear makeup and rarely saw her family, avoided much of the risk.) Suddenly, they’re cast into a dangerous political struggle (logical Ella’s forte) and are trying to rally support from neighboring cities (James is better at this than Ella is).¬†As leader of Corveny, this is Gabriel’s business, and while he’s extremely grateful that James and Ella are helping him, he’s doing the really heavy lifting here, and we finally get to see him doing really cool stuff. Suffice it to say that there’s a reason he’s leader of Corveny.

It’ll actually seem fairly simple spread over 70,000 words.

No… no, I can’t say that with a straight face. But it is the simplest one I’ve worked on.

Now to get unstuck writing it.

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