My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 18

The secret, the secret, the secret… More than one secret, he knew now. Who could say that each dragon who’d fought Meijing didn’t figure out a different secret? They hadn’t told anyone, so what proof shows it was the sane secret? Leo knew one now.

He knew. He’d wished, almost. He’d known that even if he did have light, he’d have problems. Light, the first thing created in the entire universe. No human could live without light. They’d die of hypothermia.

But there were different kinds of light. The kind Lila had was mostly for sight.

But Leo had a light of his own. Every fire, every flame, any spark found anywhere would have a light of its own. Light, but for keeping warmth and for keeping strength and cooking food.

Light. In a different form.

Almost everything had some kind of light. Even night had the stars.

The leader dragon had said the ice spirits met in a different place every time. But he’d never fought them.

A scream came from the bathroom. Leo investigated and found that Nikki, suddenly a mermaid, had gone too long without water and had to soak in the bathtub. But more than Nikki was in there. The mirror was frozen solid. Nikki put up a water force field by magic, and Not-Meijing froze it. Leo drew in a breath and was just about to melt the spirit when it did – something –

A different place every time? No. Not one, not a singular place.  It took him, everywhere. Around the world in eighty seconds. Then – the world froze. Everything stopped.

Stopped. Frozen, everything.


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