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Phoenix: Chapter 57 (Phoebe)

A week later, Mark’s fully recuperated. The magic that had made him so silly-acting had healed him quickly, and now he can correctly identify me.

Xavier is absolutely thrilled about being a pegasus Epselan, although he mostly likes to ride Silvester if he can. The two are inseparable. And they won’t leave me alone at all. Oh, and Xavier’s managed to score himself some of the potion I was given to help his magic. Personally, I think the problem now is having him learn to use it better.

Mark, Key and I are travelling to Baffin Bay to find a polar bear for Mark to meet, although that I’ve made it clear that he isn’t allowed to take his home like Xavier and me. I’m guessing both that Silvester and Xavier are planning on coming, and that neither of them is planning to take the plane, which Mark has finally consented to board. I think he figures he’s lived through enough danger that a little more perceived danger can’t hurt too much.

Daniel seems to think that there’s some bigger magical thingy going on, but has assured me that I have nothing to do with it for now. I for one hope it’s not just “for now.” At least, not until I get bored, which isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

Key and Mark have now proclaimed that they’re going steady. As if it weren’t obvious that they had been for over a year. Silly people. I fear for the world if they marry.

Felix is still tagging along with me. It seems he, like Leslie, thinks that we’re the most interesting group on the face of the Earth. And he’s made it pretty clear that he’s looked in several different dimensions as well.

Mark and I are planning to move far, far away from Iowa. There would be touchy questions if any of my old classmates saw me in the street, even though I’m now wearing a hoodie  and long sleeves all the time and claiming that the feathers on my face are “just my style.” We’re moving back to Colorado, actually, in a permanent house. Daniel’s made it clear that he wants to keep me in a place where I can be free to fly around and where it would be easy to hide, should the cult figure out I’m not dead, and he insisted on buying our house for us—which is no problem for the Agency. The exchange rate on interdimensional currency is ludicrous—and the Agency has a lot of money stockpiled in other places. We were staying a few days in the Agency to give our thanks and help clean up after the mess Ian and his idiots made.

There was just one more matter of business to attend to.

“Hey,” I said, navigating my way through the Agency stables, around several piles of pegasus dung. Xavier’s cleaning spells still could use some work.

“Hey,” Xavier said, setting down Currey’s brush. “What’s up?”

“I still owe you something,” I said. “You saved my life again.”

And on this one, I didn’t let go for a long time.

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