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Phoenix: Chapter 52 (Phoebe)

I was alone. There was kind of a vague promise of light in the sky soon, but no real sun showing yet. The air was cool, or at least it felt that way to me.

The strangest thing—I could have sworn I heard cars or something in the distance, revving their engines. But not in the sand, surely.

There wasn’t a phoenix around. I thought this was pretty weird, since that phoenix I was talking to before I fell asleep seemed like it would stand over me until its dying day… or, much more likely, mine.

I wondered if there actually had been a phoenix there, or if it had only been there in spirit (a.k.a., I was totally delusional and ended up doing the magic myself and realizing stuff on my own). Because I saw the phoenix again, and it didn’t act like it had just saved my life, healed me, and then set my form right. It didn’t really act like it had ever seen me before.

But once it was within sight, it cooed at me and invited me into the air with it. I went.

It definitely wasn’t afraid of me. Its eyes actually were amber-colored, I could see, and not just because Mark insisted they were (like with me).

It wasn’t afraid of me. Huh.

Was that why the phoenix tried to take me over? All the other animals were somewhat afraid of the humans with whom they shared head-rent, but not this phoenix? Not any phoenix?


It cooed softly, trying to catch my attention. I watched the magnificent bird go into a steep dive, and I followed it. It swept right back up in the last few feet. I landed on the sand and stretched out my arm for it to perch.

The most wonderful feeling…

It was like being able to breathe better, to see more clearly. It was like all my senses were on hyperdrive, and I had more energy than ever. More control. Just… better.

The phoenix cooed, a soothing noise. I felt like doing it myself. I was more relaxed than I could ever remember being.

“Wow… thanks!”

The phoenix cooed again. It was about to take off, but I noticed a wound under its arm. Not enough to actually damage it into bursting into flames and regenerating, but definitely enough to be painful.

“You’re hurt!”

I stroked the phoenix’s head, calming it and telling it not to fly off. I knew Daniel would know someone who could mend the phoenix’s wound, even if he himself couldn’t.

The phoenix trilled sadly. Then it did something weird. It shuffled its wings really fast. It obviously wasn’t trying to leave, since it was still holding on tightly to my hoodie sleeve, but it kept fluttering its wings until an orangey-gold feather fluttered to the ground. I picked it up.

I knew what it meant: real immortality, for a human, anyway. I wasn’t sure I wanted that.

I stared at the phoenix.

Thanks, I said, in the magical-creature way. I’ll think about it.

It blinked at me peacefully. I slipped the feather into my pocket.

Stay with me. I know someone who can heal you.


            I don’t know how to get back to the Agency, though. I don’t have my wand, and anyway, I don’t know how to do a teleportation spell

            But by the time I’d gotten this thought out, I was feeling like a statue again. The phoenix had done it.

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