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Phoenix: Chapter 51 (Phoebe)

The next thing I knew, I could think well again. It was weird. I had a feeling that this was some result of a spell done by the phoenix carrying me.

Vaguely, I could sense it trying to think at me, the same way Currey did. But it wasn’t like Currey. The phoenix’s thoughts came out in a ribbon of motion and color and meaning, things that were hard to put into words.

It saw me as I was waking up, cooed softly, and landed on the sand. The sun had gone down and the air was a lot cooler, but the phoenix and the sand still carried a lot of warmth.

The phoenix showed—told—me how I’d been hurt and then resurrected, except not really. I had died… or something. But now I was alive, and still in phoenix form.

But, it showed me, I was no use to either of us in total phoenix form. As a human, I’d be at toddler-maturity point, because phoenixes don’t stay babies for long. But my wings weren’t skyworthy yet on their own.

The phoenix told me that it could help me find my human side—the undamaged portion of it. The 25% that had still been active when the assassin had shot me was dead. But I had other human-portion available. Enough to restore me to my half-human form.

But, it assured me, I did not have to stay a toddler until I grew up naturally. In fact, I could choose to go back to the age I had been.

The phoenix explained: Phoenixes do not actually die. But when they reach the point at which they would, they do burst into a magical kind of flame, which isn’t actually physically hot, and go into a state of invincibility while they regenerate.

But the mark of having died is there. It can be healed, but it’s usually completely unnecessary. In any case, you have to find another real phoenix to do it. Epselans couldn’t.

I accepted. There wasn’t much I could do as a toddler.

Then, as the phoenix did its magic, the world faded from my view. I couldn’t see what it was doing, what I looked like, or how long it took. But in the end, I was larger, stronger. I was still a phoenix, but at least I was the right age.

One more thing. The phoenix showed me that a part of me had been killed: the piece that had then been human. The phoenix said that it could help me go back to my half-and-half state, but since a part of the human I’d had was now dead—had been shot and not regenerated—my hiding spells would never work again. But Daniel knew a spell that would strengthen my mage magic to make up for the human mage power that I’d lost.

I allowed the phoenix to do what it could. In several hours, I woke up in the sand.

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