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Phoenix: Chapter 49 (Daniel)

I don’t remember ever seeing somebody kill that way. I had seen a few killings, but never one like that. Man, that kid was scary.

Leslie, Xavier, Key and Mark all watched as I opened the bubble. A young phoenix, which if Xavier’s intuition was correct was Phoebe, spilled onto the hot sand. The other phoenix refused to let me pick her up, instead holding her gently in its own talons, shielding her with its wings, and cooing apologetically.

I nodded.

“Let’s leave them,” I said.

“What?” Mark said, looking at me like I was nuts.

“She’s bleeding to death!” Xavier said.

“No, she’s not,” I said. “Look.”

Actually, she wasn’t. She looked like she’d never been shot, except that she was younger. And a phoenix.

“Mark, Xavier, you need to be healed. Hannah will take care of you, she’s as good with humans as with animals. Leslie, Xavier, you both need sleep. And you all need food. Let’s go! We won’t take the rope pyramid down, so it’ll still go here and we can come back later, when those two have finished.”

“Finished doing what?” Xavier asked.

“Healing each other. Let’s go.”

And we went.

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