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Phoenix: Chapter 48 (Xavier)

“Leslie, do you know how to deal with this?”

We had come to the problem of trying to free Phoebe and the other phoenix.

“First, we have to save them. We have to stop Phoebe bleeding.”

“How do you know it’s Phoebe?”

“Same way you do. She looks different.”

Actually, they looked the same to me.

“She looks at you differently,” Leslie said.

“We have to bring them back out,” Mark said.

“How?” I asked.

“We pop the bubble,” Leslie said. “On our side. We open the rip. And then we sew it back up before it causes trouble.”

“Do you know the right spell?” I asked.


Suddenly, a giant rope pyramid appeared in the sand nearby.

“I saw you were in trouble,” Daniel said. “I had Winnie check for me. Did I miss anything?”

“We’ll tell you later,” I said. “The assassin’s done a rip spell. Phoebe and some other phoenix are stuck between dimensions.”

“Dimensions–my specialty,” Daniel said, smiling. “Easy fix.”

“Everything is his specialty,” I said to Leslie, who laughed shrilly, exuberantly, nonstop, along with Key and Mark, who had changed back. I knew why. Stress did that.

Daniel seemed to notice this more than our solemn expressions. “I’ve heard that laugh before. What happened? Who’s hurt?”

“Phoebe was shot multiple times,” Leslie said, going a blotchy pale/red combination. “Mark was shot in the shoulder. And I think Xavier might have hurt his leg, he tried to shin-kick a very solid gun out of that dude’s hand.” She pointed at the assassin lying supine on the sand behind us. “Also, our noses are bleeding. I’m not sure if that’s all.”

“Oh,” said Daniel, turning pale himself and staring at the body. “I hope Phoebe’s all right.”

“Are we sure he’s dead?” Leslie said.

“No,” I said. “I don’t trust my spell.”

I pulled my mangled, sweaty, bloody shirt off and grabbed the gun with it. Cocked it. Shot.

“He’s dead now.”

I dropped the gun at his side.

“You…” Daniel said, his voice trailing off. “Xavier.”

“Get Phoebe safe,” I said. “And everybody stop looking so depressing!”

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