My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 17

Leo couldn’t sleep. Where could Meijing – or… whoever… – be? And what about the secret? Oh, sure, Lila could figure this stuff out because Lila was a smartypantsgoodytwoshoes little freakazoid. Little Miss Light had no problems. Never. Even if Leo had light, he would still have problems. Problems, problems, problems… all the time.

Something that Leo couldn’t quite think of just kind of sniggered at him through the thought, the secret, he couldn’t find. Leo subconsciously stuck his tongue out at that thing, then the not-thought fled, but left behind an almost-memory. Great. Along with the problems and everything else came the not-thoughts and the almost-memories. The not-thoughts were annoying, but the almost-memories were downright creepy.

There, in the almost-memory, stood his house. His house, in ice. No, on fire. In an icecube again. No, on fire again. It alternated until Leo shook his mind free of it, but it came creeping back every time Leo closed his eyes, and he knew there was no way that he would ever sleep with this going on. Toby tossed and turned at the other end of the cabin as if similarly plagued. Every time Leo tried to go to sleep, he just got more tired.

Leo gave in. He and Toby got up and traveled to the human house where the neverending battle between ice and fire would continue, although Leo was going there on a hunch, or maybe because the not-thoughts had told him to. He had no clue why he was going there at the time.

On the doorstep, something struck him. Two things. Maybe even three…

First off, Cherry hadn’t searched here because we didn’t live by the Great Salt Lake or by the ocean. But she’d forgotten about the Mississippi River.

Second, he hadn’t learned to fly yet. He’d have to get that done soon.

And third, didn’t he hear the bathtub running?

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