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Phoenix: Chapter 43 (Xavier)

The spell caught.


Suddenly, we were all being propelled, shot through the air. Silvester leaned into the wind, and from the way he began to move, I could tell he was about ready to leap from the air. We were going!

And, I realized with a suddenly sinking, sobering feeling, we still had a long way to go.

Five minutes later, we saw the falcon.

It was a giant one. I couldn’t remember what it was called, but it was one of the giant ones that flew really fast. Then it dived, and landed in the sand.

Then it did something weird.

It turned into a half-girl. Sort of like Phoebe: wings, feather-covered skin. An Epselan! What was she doing out here?

I watched the girl, who had taken flight again, more slowly than before, and who was aiming herself… at us! This couldn’t be good. If she was lost, we couldn’t do much to help her. And we couldn’t exactly explain or take her along in a hurry.

“Stop!” Mark said. “Stop!”

I nodded to Silvester, who was looking to me for direction. We hung in the air, the pegasi beating their wings faster than ever to stay aloft.

The girl flew, not to me or Key, but to Mark. She seemed to know him.

“You!” Mark said. “Leslie! I thought you were a sheep!”

“Shapeshifter,” the girl said. “I’m actually older than you. But never mind that. I know where Phoebe is! And she’s going to be killed if we don’t get over there before that assassin can extend his spell!”

“We’re going!” Mark said. “You can explain why and how you’re here later. But…”

“Shut up and listen,” Leslie said. “I’m going to move us now! Close your eyes or you’ll get teleport-sick.”

“The last time we–” Mark tried to say, but Leslie had already done the spell, and we were off. Whipping through space—though not through time—we had gone.

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