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Phoenix: Chapter 42 (Leslie)

Well, I guessed that at this point it was time to divulge my little secret. Prolly best to morph first.

I did my spell and turned into what appeared to be a sheep. But I wasn’t in that shape for long.

Within seconds, I had transformed into a peregrine falcon: capable of flying at up to about sixty miles an hour flying level, and over two hundred in a dive. Even better, it wouldn’t call a whole lot of attention to me if I played my cards right and kept out of Mr. Wacko’s line of sight.

Man, I hated these guys. Thought they were keeping Earth safe from magical catastrophe by killing off the weird portion of the magical lot. Most of them, anyway. The guys at the top knew what they were doing: terrorism, basically. Keeping the threats down. What was their point?

The Agency diplomatically never mentioned the fact that they killed any agents belonging to this cult of magical terrorists, but it was silently known and agreed. It was obvious. Anyway, the killings of the assassins were assassinations in their own right, and Agency members always kept things quiet so the cult could never be sure it was them.

Wand in my talons, showing me the right direction, I went straight for Mark. He’d need help.

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