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Phoenix: Chapter 40 (Leslie)

I watched as Phoebe—apparently in her phoenix form again, for some reason—started twittering incoherently at some other phoenix who was in this giant bubble thing. Dr. Evil stood watching, fiddling with his gun and waiting. I knew a little bit about this spell—he was trying to keep her in between dimensions? This would definitely tick off a few people at the Agency. …Good.

Mr. Malevolent hadn’t spotted me yet, because I was using a spell. But if he saw any trace of disembodied sheep butt from under the sand-blending spell…

One of the phoenixes was bashing the edge of the bubble on the ground, while the other one was trying to bash against the wall. I couldn’t tell which was which, but both were chirruping like crazy. Stupid. Didn’t they realize that they weren’t going to improve anything by trying to get more mass into the bubble? It was still repelling anything that tried to enter the void space. That was why Evil hadn’t tried to bump them off yet.

If this mage dude thought he was going to kill a phoenix, then, well… if he was getting paid by the hour, he had good job security. Unless he knew the trick… crud. I hoped he didn’t know the trick.

He had the fingernail clippers. He knew the trick.


In that case, I had a hundred bullets’ worth of time. Well, ninety-nine, as long as it took this moron to expand his rip between dimensions, and as long as it took him to catch those phoenixes and clip their wings.

Where was Mark?

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