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Phoenix: Chapter 37 (Xavier)

“Okay, let’s assume she’s not hurt,” I said.

“Let’s assume?” Key almost shrieked. By this time, it had sunk in that Phoebe was gone. Maybe dead.

“Yes, let’s assume,” Mark said, seriously. “What’s your plan, Xavier?”

I fell silent. I didn’t have one, and I wasn’t sure why Mark expected me to. He was treating me like the leader now, and both he and Key were older than me by about ten years or something. It must have been like taking orders for a kid. No, must have been like making the kid give you orders. Weird.

“Well…” I said, “where did she go?”

“That’s what we’re asking you!” Mark said. Key looked panicky. I’d never realized she was so protective of Phoebe.

“Well, where would she go?” I said. “My guess is, she woke up and couldn’t find her wand and we were all asleep. Right?”

“How do you figure that?” Key asked, sounding oddly level.

“Well, seeing as I didn’t wake up in time to stop her and she left the wand here, on my face, I think it’s a safe guess.”

“Safe enough,” Mark said. “So you think she would have gone…”

“To help us, wouldn’t she? That’s her. I couldn’t wake you at all without magic! So…”

“Would she have tried to fly to town?” Key asked, still sounding calm even though she was sweating.

“You don’t think something would have gone wrong with her magic, do you?” Mark asked, sounding much more worried than Key.

“I don’t know what I think,” I said, “but I bet we can find out.”

Again, the wand, the feather…

Here goes.

“Tulocus… find Phoebe the Epselan, please.”

The spell did nothing.

“My magic isn’t working any longer,” I said. “Even with the feather.”

“This is definitely an emergency,” Mark said.

“What if she isn’t an Epselan?” Key asked.

“Of course she’s an Epselan!” Mark snapped. “What do you think she is now, a vampire?”

“Shut up!” I said. To my surprise, Mark did. “There’s just as much of a chance that… that… never mind.”

“Tulocus,” I said to the wand and feather again. “Find Phoebe.”

The ensemble in my hand seemed to wait for me.

“The phoenix.”

The wand leapt out of my hand in one direction and landed in the sand.

“Well,” I said, retrieving it, “that’s that. Mark, can you fly Currey on your own?”

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