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Phoenix: Chapter 36 (Assassin)

I had it. And I was ready to kill it… however many times it took. Before it wrecked the magical content. Before my wife and children died for it.

It was trapped. I’d seen it coming using a teleportation spell, probably looking for a mage to save it. I had it encased in a force field—anything could get in, but not out. Including my knives.

I slung off my vest and grabbed my gun, but in the time it took for me to load up the clip, something else dove from the sky. Stupid vultures.

But it wasn’t a vulture. This was another bloody phoenix! It crashed into the force field where the first one had given up hope—and of course, it stayed there.

“Who cares,” I growled at the second. “Who ruddy well cares. If it’s impossible to tell the difference, I’ll just kill you both. And a credit to me.”

I loaded up the clip. And shot.

But it bounced off the force field.

And I remembered the loophole.

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