My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 16

“Ummmmmm… ‘k.”

No one bothered to check who said this. It was what they were all thinking, anyway. Only Maya and Lila even knew what words he said, and even they couldn’t understand him. Chicagoans talk fast, and Leo had just completed a run-on sentence, what? Six lines long? (Ha ha, I bet you went back to check! Made you look! Oh, if you were too lazy, I’ll save you a few sleepless nights. Five lines.)

They stared until Lila, again, had to step in and break the silence.

“If we started life in the late Cretaceous period, then you guys would still be staring when present day came around. What’s the deal?”

“We woke up at 5:00 in the morning and we’re masters at sleeping with our eyes open. We’re not gonna give up a chance to go back to bed.”

“Well, I’m exhausted too, and I’m a master of sleeping with my eyes shut.” Maya rolled a nearby hollow log over, enlarged it just enough to be comfortable, whipped out her Swiss Army knife and whittled a few air holes. Then she cut a door, jumped in, rolled away and started snoring, very loudly and very fake sounding. Because it was fake.

Cherry whipped out some high-tech device and scanned as much area as possible. It took a lot of magic, so she started with the areas that the Ice Spirits liked – not Alaska or anything, but certain states like Maine and countries like Italy and England with a lot of water to freeze. They were done with Alaska.

Cherry saved the local areas for last, as, she reasoned, they’d know already if the ice spirits were here. And anyway, it’s not like we live near the Great Salt Lake or something…

Something tugged at Leo’s mind, or maybe two things. The secret, and water…

Beep! Cherry’s machine had done its job. Sort of. There were no ice spirits in the areas she searched… but she’d had to skip half of the Earth because she was out of magic and Lila didn’t know how to operate it.

“You should maybe GO TO BED! Hey, come back here! You think a hotel is going to let a dragon in?” This was Maya’s voice. “Come stay with me. I just had the security dome enlarged to contain more houses.”

“It’s a good offer,” Lila said. “You need rest. We’ll take Toby with us so we can just go in the morning.”

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