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Phoenix: Chapter 32

I had turned into a phoenix again.

      What was the matter? Was it something with the spell? Mark, Xavier, and Key were all out cold. So were the two pegasi.


      Dead? No.

      I couldn’t help noticing that in my own mind, I was talking to myself the way I talked to Currey. Telepathically. Which is odd, because everyone does that. But I was doing it differently, like I was in two places at once. And my thoughts were getting…

      Shorter. Zip, zip.

      We had no supplies. No water, nothing. I needed to be human. I needed to get water. I was a mage. Where was…




      Not now. I’ll sleep later. But I couldn’t find my wand. There was no way I could bring water out of the earth in this desert, anyway. I had to look for a town.

      Later. Srrr. Lost. Sleepy. Perch?

      Perch. Sleepy.

      I heard the best sound in the world. It sounded like me. But I was already asleep. When I woke up, it was gone.

      I went back to check on the others. I couldn’t have gone too far. But the sand dunes were confusing. It was like an Indiana Jones movie.

      But what could I do for the others? If they were awake now, it was no danger. If they were still asleep, then I couldn’t do anything to help them. I didn’t have my wand with me. What was I going to do, claw at them with my talons?

      A quick pass did reveal that while the others were still sound asleep (and landing on Mark and tickling his nose made no difference), there was nothing I could do.

      Nothing. Nooooo-thing.

       But I had to find help somewhere. So I’d better start flying.

      I automatically tried to do my speed spell, not thinking of the fact that I didn’t have my wand. My wings felt kind of like my arms did when I hit my elbow on the funny bone, but I didn’t speed up. So I tried beating them faster, the old-fashioned way. Surprisingly, it didn’t take any extra effort. So I went faster.

      In a direction I didn’t recognize.


      I saw one of the sand dunes puff up into a giant cloud just as I thought that. It had no reason. There weren’t any animals around, and the wind couldn’t have done it.

      Blast, I thought again.

      Poof. Cloud. Sand. Fly.

      Fly, fly, willowy, bend, wind. Shh.




      I needed to find help. A mage… someone. And flying into nowhere wasn’t going to help, was it? So I had to find out what the spell was for a phoenix to speed up… maybe for a phoenix to find someone. But if I tried to teleport again, what would happen? The first time, I ended up not finding my wand and turning mostly phoenix. What would happen the next time?

      Well, I didn’t have anything else to turn into, did I? Maybe it would turn me human again. Well, mostly human.


      That wasn’t a spell. It just appeared in my head. Move. Move.

      When I said it, it did nothing. But I figured I should probably move, so I sped up again.

      Where’s the nearest mage, I thought, and I disappeared again.

      Statue. Frozen. Dizzy.




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