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Phoenix: Chapter 30

I wasn’t sure what to make of it when Daniel stepped back into our dimension with a pop, carrying a canvas bag and his staff. Especially not when he took out a thingy of rope and a metal bar, which he stroked and which lengthened into what looked like a long metal pipe, maybe a flagpole.

“You see,” he said as he tied lengths of rope to one end of the flagpole, “this is one of the few spells that needs special items. For this one, we just have to bind it to a certain area, or there’s a risk of taking the whole planet into another dimension.”

He stuck the flagpole into a thing that looked like it might usually hold up a volleyball net or something, and it stayed upright. Then Daniel started to arrange some junk on the ground. It seemed like he was improvising, because one of the weights was a giant trash can, and another was the basketball rack, which the fairies were still using.

He continued, laying a longer length of rope around the weights, and sounding even more cheerful than usual. “All we’re going to do is replace the stuff inside the bind I’m setting up—this stuff will be you, actually—with some stuff in Gordon’s Well, which would be air because I’ve specified it to be.”

“How do we know we won’t come out somewhere dangerous?” Xavier asked.

“Magic,” Daniel said, shrugging. “I’ve set it that way.”

“You trust this wacko?” Key asked Mark.

“With my life,” Mark said.

“Well, that’s not enough,” Key said, “because right now you’re trusting him with our lives too!”

“Daniel transported fifty soldiers to a crucial point in battle with this method,” Mark said, sounding a little annoyed. “He can handle us and a couple of winged horses.”

“Pegasi,” Xavier warned, as Silvester snuffled.

“Pegasi,” Mark said, waving a hand.

“This is one of my favorite spells,” Daniel said. “Thanks for thinking of me, Phoebe.”

I smiled, not sure that saying “You’re welcome” would sound right.

“Are there going to be any odd side effects we should know about?” Key pressed.

“No,” Daniel said. “But you should be sitting down. You don’t want to go all the way from Maine to southern California standing up, do you? You’d get dizzy.”

“How fast will we be there?” I asked.

“Instantly,” Daniel said. “No light speed delay. The Law of Conservation of Matter kind of requires that you don’t disappear into nothingness, even for a picosecond. Still, it’ll feel longer. I can’t explain that one—that’s more of a magic thing. But you won’t be able to move, so sit comfortably.” Then he frowned, and he started counting on his fingers. I heard him mutter, “The path of least resistance… crap. Well… better not. Better… right now.”

He tied the four ropes hanging from the flagpole to the four weights, and we were in a giant pyramid thing of ropes. Behind us, one of the fairies scored.

“Sit now,” Daniel said. “I’m going to send you off.” We sat. Daniel took his glass root beer bottle from that morning and tapped it with his staff, then threw it into where we were sitting. I was afraid that it would hit one of us—my head was a ball magnet in Gym class, and I was sure that counted for flying bottles too—but when it reached the air space that was outlined by our rope “wall,” it smashed as if there was glass there.

“It’ll take one second to leave,” Daniel shouted through the invisible glass. And I could feel us leaving, just as Daniel started cleaning up the glass shards of the root beer bottle by magic.

It was like being a statue for hours and hours, frozen, asleep, resting. I could see the world go by, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. I was just occupying my own body, sitting there, and not breathing. But then I blacked out, and some still-conscious part of me wasn’t sure whether this was part of the spell or not.

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