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Phoenix: Chapter 29 (Daniel)

“Hi, Stella,” I said, stepping into the shop.

“Daniel!” Stella said, her face perking up as she recognized me. “I haven’t seen you in ages. What do you need?”

Seventeen, tall, and with short, mousy hair, Stella was one of my better students. She’d moved to the Cornelius Dimension and gotten a job in a hardware store after I was done with her, and she healed people for pocket money in her spare time.

“I’m doing a teleportation spell this time,” I said, still excited. “I have Phoebe back at the Agency—she needs to be going. Trying to calm down her animal side, apparently. It’s a touch tumultuous at the moment.”

“Wow! You have Phoebe at the Agency? I thought she ran.”

I sighed. “Word really gets around, doesn’t it? That was my workers being tumultuous. The nasty ones are still out looking for her. I just hope the Assassin is off looking in Canada, still. Phoebe did a fair job of shaking everyone off her tail by using speed spells, but it’s made her pretty noticeable now.”

I was saying this, walking behind Stella as she strode off into the back of the store for the magically consistent rope and a flagpole.

“So she actually is a phoenix?” Stella asked.

“As much a phoenix as an Epselan is anything.”

Stella shook her head and reached into a cardboard box. Tapping the rope against her hand, she left the area to find a flagpole.

She came back a minute later with the flagpole trailing behind her. Arranging it in the aisle so that nothing would be knocked over, she said a spell and it collapsed into itself and put it in a canvas bag with the rope.

We went back into the main room, and she went behind the cash register again and set the bag on the counter. I pulled out a loose sapphire from my pocket and set it on the counter.

“Overpaying again, Daniel,” Stella sighed.

“That’s for Etaren and her hatchlings,” I said, referring to the dragons Stella was caring for. Rummaging through my pockets more, I finally found some currency from this dimension and paid Stella the normal way.

“Thanks, Daniel,” Stella called, as I stepped back into my own dimension.

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