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Phoenix: Chapter 27

The ride was much less enjoyable with a backpack full of books and, since Mark’s birthday was coming up, computer parts. He would appreciate a second backpack full of junk, especially since I planned to do the tedious task of cleaning all of them out myself. You couldn’t live with Mark and not know how to do this.

The books were much heavier, though. I couldn’t take very many, and if there was any chance that the base might not be deserted forever, I didn’t want to take too many of their books away—although I doubted that I was going to be charged with any late fees.

We basically had no idea where we were going. I mean, we knew we were going to Gordon’s Well in the end, with no reason other than fun with an ATV and assumptions that some phoenix was looking for me—but we didn’t know where we were going first. Daniel and Sophie talked cryptically when they were together. They’d been working in a pair too long.

I felt kind of bad just assuming that Xavier wanted to come along. Key would never leave Mark in a dangerous situation, and it seemed like she was having fun, but Xavier…

Maybe he had roped himself into this. He did set up Key to come and question me, and he knew that we’d need backup. And then he didn’t just send someone to do it—he went himself. Still, I felt like he maybe hadn’t quite planned all the way ahead. Maybe he wasn’t sure.

I knew he and I weren’t the only ones uncomfortable. The twenty-seven-year-old kid with his arms wrapped around my waist? He also had no idea where he was going, and, traditionally, wasn’t about to stop and ask directions from someone who wasn’t crazy.

Key, I sensed, didn’t feel like she had to worry about it. She was a human, after all, and this was an Epselan concern. She was just tagging along, keeping Mark sane, and keeping me safe. That wasn’t to say she wasn’t important, or hadn’t saved our butts, though.

And then there was me.


We were in trouble.

But maybe we weren’t.

“Mark!” I yelled.

“What?” he yelled back. The wind was terrible at the moment, so even though we were both still on Currey, we actually had to shout to hear each other.

“Does Daniel know a teleportation spell?”

“That’s really strong magic, from what I know,” Mark shouted. “I don’t think—“

“Currey! We’re going to the Agency!”

Cool! The pegasus said, perking up instantly.

“What?” Xavier shouted.

“I said we’re going to the Agency,” I yelled back.

“You addressed it to Currey!”

“Yeah, he and I have a thing,” I hollered.

Xavier leaned forward on his pegasus—surprised?

“The Agency, then?” he called back, sounding a little confused but ready.


“Adjust thirty degrees southwest, then,” Xavier shouted.

We did, and with my speed spell as strong as I could make it, we were on our way.

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