My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 15

The dragons stood in a circle. Most were on all fours, but the one who must have been the leader stood on his hind legs and blew fire into an opening in the trees. He wasn’t blowing straight up; the opening was right above the middle of the circle, above a pool of water. The sky went dark and it hailed, then snowed. He was melting the ice and making a pool of water. When it was filled, the sky went a brilliant white-yellow and some mermaid thing with a pixie’s wings came out of it, splashing into the pool. Lila saw her scan the crowd, then the creature adopted an expression of shock and humongous eyes. She was shaking in the water, and Lila knew it wasn’t from the cold.

She backed away just a little, then said, “Is she actually…?”

Lila sighed mentally, then displayed the entire Fearless Front act. “Who are you?” she demanded. This usually worked with enemies and people who weren’t enemies but would otherwise be WAY too friendly or be super afraid of her. If it were the latter case, she would do it as not to disappoint them.

“V-Vera, miss. I-I’m a River Nykxi from Colorado…” She shrank with her feminine little voice. Hey, this was what she expected out of Lila. If you met George Washington, you wouldn’t think you’d meet him watching the World Series Football game, would you? You’d think he’d be saying something wise and warlike, but not joking around. Lila had a reputation to protect!

“Yes, of course,” Lila said, even though she’d never even heard of river Nykxies. It was pronounced Nik-see, but Nykxies don’t go for simple spelling. Her chin was in the air. The place fell silent for a minute, then Lila said, “Well?”
The dragons were slightly hesitant. Finally, the leader, a dragon named Aldrich (which meant old, wise ruler in Old English. There were a lot of Old English names among dragons, and names starting with A were particularly popular. They later learned that the old man from the old cottage was named Alcott, which coincidentally meant “from the old cottage”) spoke. “Well, you see, um, every thirty years the next ice spirit in line gets their hands on the Ice Circlet. Then the Nykxies need our help to keep the new princess from freezing the water. This usually means killing her. In fact, it always means killing her. They meet in a different place every time. There’s a secret to killing them that nobody who hasn’t done it doesn’t know. Even I don’t know it.” Aldrich paused thoughtfully. “But you will, later. Until then, travel everywhere. You have limited time to figure this out and find the secret. Nobody is allowed to tell you what it is; is must be figured out by the knower.”

It was at this point when Cherry dropped through the hole above the pond, landed in the pond and jumped out, shivering; her dress hem was coated with ice but she ignored it nonetheless. “I hit a snowstorm. None of the spells work – the next descendant isn’t named Meijing! The spell sent me some weirdo kid and not the stupid ice spirit! They’ve gotten smart this time!”

“Why does a name matter?” Maya asked.

“It’s the director. If you don’t tell a spying spell who to look for, it’ll give you just anyone that fits the rest of the song. For example, if I didn’t put a name in that spell, it’d give me someone sitting by a fireplace trying to warm their freezing feet.”

“Oh, that line about the neverending battle between two opposite elements which never ends because they are equally powerful and fire will melt ice but the ice will turn to water and just refreeze, and it can never really move on its own and douse the fire and both elements only really use the shield, and it’s only every thirty years that someone strikes, then the ice gets melted and it starts all over again? THAT bit?” Leo said.

The dragons just stared.

“Well…” Leo said.

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