My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 12

Leo awoke to the smell of wood. Wood and cut grass. He tried to get up, but he was heavier than normal. And more tired. He could now smell something else. He sneezed, spitting embers again, but put them out quickly with his paw.


That was why he was heavier- he found himself to be six feet tall at the shoulder and not human. Dragon, actually.
But he was here because of someone either A) close to him or B) magical. He did not consider that it could very well be C) both. He knew that it was at least one of those two, because his allergy medicine was here. And so was a ragweed plant, right next to his bed, which was made of grass. But he found this shelter was an enlarged log, so how could ragweed grow here? Must be magic. After all, if you turned into a six-foot-tall red dragon you’d believe anything, too.

But magic doesn’t happen on accident. This was planned.

Lila was feeling rather cocky. She knew her plan had worked. This was because she had hidden behind an oak leaf inside the log.

Leo looked up. Was it just him, or was that leaf radiating light…..? When Leo glanced away, Lila shot a sunbeam over to a window across the room. Leo looked back at Lila’s leaf. No, the sun was just shining on it. Nothing strange about that.

But having used most of the magic she had on teleporting, Lila was growing weaker and exhausted. As soon as Leo left, she dropped to the floor. She HAD skipped last night’s rest, after all. Who could blame her for being tired?

Leo found himself in the middle of a large village infested with scurrying elves doing everything from selling fruit to practicing magic and warfare to telling jokes. There was even one sitting on a building’s awning reading a book.  The places people will go for a quiet space…

But that was the thing about the Chikian village. There was no quiet space. (Maya had learned the hard way exactly how high-pitched the Chikik scream.) Unless you somehow got Maya to order everyone away from a certain space, it would be clustered with Chikik trying to squeeze in and sell something or chat with one another.

Which had obviously just happened.

Maya and Lila loved to embarrass boys. Everyone in Faerie Land was all formal and goody-goody, but embarrassing boys was fun. Maya, of course, had already become the Chikian ruler, and really wasn’t quite sure how she got roped into that, but barely any Chikik would joke around with her. No, the Chikik thought, monarchy was to be respected, not giggled at. They would never joke about “important” jobs like that. Oh no. Whenever Maya was spoken to, the speaker would drop a leaf at her feet, regardless of the fact she was usually watching TV when they did this. There was a perk to it, though; it gave Maya and Lila a subject for jokes.

Lila was enjoying this. She had embarrassed a boy, and it was even better because that boy was her brother. This was Lila’s main source of entertainment. She’d show up in human streets, disguised, and walk up to a boy and use a big word. She’d ramble on about how it was such a beautiful day, and oh, the altostratus clouds in the sky were so beautiful and she hoped that it wouldn’t rain, and how it’s just the perfect temperature and so low humidity… and she wouldn’t buy lemonade from that stand because there was some zymurgy occurring in their drinks…

But she’d let her guard down. She was so entirely engulfed in her own world that she didn’t even notice the big red dragon lumber down the street, trying very hard not to step on anyone.

“Oh, so you’re behind this, aren’t you?” Leo said, picking Lila up carefully by the wings. “Well, that’s shiny, isn’t it?” He said when Lila drew her sword. “Pretty and rather well-kept, but not going to do you much good.”

Lila glared and said, “No, but this will.”

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