My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 11

Lila decided that was it. She would take no more of this faerie tale business. In the middle of the next night, she crept silently and magically transported Leo and herself to Faerie Land.

Sweet, girly and innocent blue-eyed, -blonde-haired Lila may seem, but she is deadly.  Looks are deceiving, especially when it comes to fairies. When Lila gets angry (something nobody goes through twice, and for good reason), she turns into the no-nonsense “I’m angry now and you can’t control me, boss me around or make me do anything I don’t want to do. I am in control of this situation. You are not.”, determined (sometimes over-determined) faerie that she is. No longer “sweet little girlie” but instead  “oh my.” And Leo was about to get his hands full.

Lila stopped in her tracks. No, this was too obvious. And a large dragon among small fairies? She’d have to take him somewhere else, because fairies are like cats – in that which they are very protective of their territory. Plus, he would end up believing in fairies, but he would doubt all the other species Lila would tell him about. She sat down on Faerie land’s cloud, wondering why Leo had not woken up yet.

Where could she take him? Hmm. She could take him to Florida, home of many mermaids. No, there were too many tourists in Florida. Someone would spot him. Same with the California forests, the land of pixies. So that eliminates pixie, faerie and mermaid territory. That leaves… what? Shapee territory? Lila didn’t know where Shapees lived. And it was customary for dragons to see a different species than their own for… what did they call it? Seeing magic…

That left the Chikik’s territory. Surely Maya would have an extra log or something. She could meet up with a guard, and right about now Maya would be studying the Chikik language so she could write in it. Of course! Another magical note was needed.

Maya lay in her cabin, book open, reading the strange symbols of the ancient texts. It was hard not to confuse these symbols with the Greek language she used to write in code. (Yes, dear reader, Maya could write in Greek. The Internet is wonderful, isn’t it?) While looking at a Chikian symbol, her studies were interrupted by a little yellow sticky note. It said (in Lila’s handwriting again)

Need passage to your world. Leo fell for the cookies thing. –Lila

Maya sent a night guard to get them.

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