My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter Fifteen

“We haven’t seen anything for days,” Sophie grumbled. “Is this their idea of a joke?”

“No,” Daniel said. “There’s magic here—that’s for sure.”

“Which could have been created by anyone,” Sophie pointed out.

“Not necessarily. You’d have to be extremely strong, and know what you want to copy. I’d imagine that there’s been research to see whether it’s one of the stronger wielders doing this sort of thing for fun. The Agency has a list, you know.” Daniel kept a calm, rapt lookout, even though he still didn’t know what he was looking for.

“You don’t know that,” Sophie said. “The Agency might have a list, but you’re overestimating their intelligence.”

“You think they aren’t as smart as you? Sheesh, Sophie. Calm down for a while. Can’t you trust people occasionally?”

“Not really.”

Daniel sighed and put down his binoculars. “Soph, you have to get over this. You’ll never be able to work with allies if you can’t relax and trust people.”

“I don’t need other people to accomplish my goals.”

“Someday you will,” Daniel said airily, picking up his binoculars again. “Yurgh. What’s that smell?”

“Did someone eat too many beans yesterday?” Sophie asked sarcastically.

“That could be it!” Daniel said, uncharacteristically excited.

“You’re happy that someone has gas?” Sophie said.

“No, it’s the creature!”

“You’ve really gone off the deep end now,” Sophie said. “Just because we’re smelling something horrible doesn’t mean it’s the creature, and even if it is, then it must be far away, since we haven’t smelled it before now. It could be in any direction.”

“So we should split up,” Daniel said. “Come on, Sophie. Can’t you get a little more enthusiastic? We’re about to catch a monster.”

“Been there, done that,” Sophie said. “It’s no more exciting searching for monsters in the Void Dimension. At least I get to use location magic there. Why is everyone worried about the locals finding traces of magic? They wouldn’t know what it was anyway.”

“Someone would. It would start one of those government conspiracy theories, and the fewer of those there are, the better. I’ve studied it. Most of those are based off of stuff the Agency has done. Come on, we need to split up before this trail gets cold.”

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