My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter Twelve

“How’d it go?” Jen asked cheerily. “You weren’t late, were you?”

“No,” Zoë said. “What’s this music? I haven’t heard you play it before.”

“Ah, this is Enya. Nice, isn’t it?”

“I thought you had more of a taste for rock,” Zoë said. “This is not rock.”

Jen laughed. “No. It’s not.”

The song changed. Zoë was reminded of her implied magical ability with music. Wyrnen didn’t know about it. Zoë was pretty sure that this didn’t matter, especially since she wasn’t sure that it was her method, anyway. Not entirely. But it was a possibility.

Jen read into Zoë’s eyes. She knew that Zoë had found magic of some sort. There was something about the way she held herself. Once Zoë met Jen’s gaze, there was no hiding anything. Anoki are generally perceptive, and Jen especially so.

“What is it?” Jen asked flatly.

“Music,” Zoë said. “I’m not thrilled about it.”

“Why? You’ve discovered your magic’s form. You can use it, even if it is dangerous.”

“It’s…” Zoë couldn’t describe it.

“The traditional, conformist thing a little girl should be able to do? Singing and dancing around?”

“I guess so.”

“Girly, stupid, and ‘not you’?”

“A little.”

“And something you regard with disdain?”

Zoë nodded.

“Perhaps it seems like a sissy talent?”

Zoë nodded again, wondering why Jen was continuing like this.

“You know, Amanda said that of her Earth magic. ‘It’s a sissy healing talent,’ she’d say, and then she’d use it to revive a hundred Zephan soldiers. Many a life would be dead or suffering without her sissy healing talent.”

Zoë was listening with rapt attention, so Jen continued.

“You need to practice this. What song was just playing?” Jen checked the playlist. “Oh. What did it remind you of? And don’t say it didn’t remind you of anything, because I know it’s not true.”

“Water,” Zoë said. She was giving up on hiding from Jen. The whole day had seemed like an invasion of her mind’s privacy.

“I knew there was a reason I liked that song,” Jen muttered. To Zoë, she said, “Convenient. We’ll go to the pool on Saturday. You’re going to practice magic. Wyrnen can’t help you if you’re not a Star magician. Do you have supplies for tomorrow?”

Zoë’s head was loaded. She went blank. “Tomorrow,” she repeated. “Tomorrow?”

“Do you have supplies?” Jen repeated?

“Supplies.” Zoë shook herself. “Um… not exactly.”

“Well, you’re going to need them.”

“Supplies,” Zoë muttered. “Supplies.”

“Magic class get to you?” Jen asked, sympathetically.

Zoë mumbled something. Jen said a few words, commanded a portal to open, and stepped out of the dimension for a few minutes.

“You can have these on one condition,” Jen said as she stepped back into the dorm. She set a bag on the floor and said to Zoë:

“Don’t ask me where I got them.”

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