My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter Three

Fifteen minutes later and on the other side of the room, Mike was getting an earful.

“You left her alone?” Sophie demanded.

“Well, yes,” Mike said. Jesse was back across the room, showing no signs that he was about to pop over and defend his coworker.

“She could get lost!”

“Well, see, I’ve got this little location device”—

“I don’t mean lost in the school,” Sophie said. “I mean lost lost.”

“Oh, that. But she doesn’t know how to open dimensions!”

“The rock exploded, didn’t it?”

“Well, yes,” Mike said. “That’s why I let her find her own teacher.”

“And you didn’t follow her? I should fire you!”

“You’re not with her either,” Mike pointed out, taking a risk.

“Daniel is. I would have taken her myself, but I’m only the second best and I can’t work without my wand like he can work without his staff. I don’t know where the two will end up, seeing as they both seem to be absolutely bonkers, but they’ll be safe. Especially since they’re not as bonkers as you!”

The chance hadn’t paid off. Sophie planned ahead. She was good—everyone knew that—but she was known even better for her logic—and the sarcasm she used it in—than for her magic.

As a passing, last-ditch effort to save face, Mike remarked, “Well, her magic would be able to protect her if she found trouble, don’t you think?”

Sophie’s face went blank. She remembered how she and Daniel had picked up magic when they were only eleven, three years ago, with only the aid of a few talking books. She’d had Tress as a teacher, but most of what Tress did was listening.

“I suppose,” Sophie said. “Fine, I won’t fire you. But I don’t want to see anyone else left without guard, especially not someone with that kind of magic. She threatens the other kids as much as herself. For all we know, she could be able to throw fireballs if she got angry!”

Leave it to Sophie to figure out something negative, Mike thought. It unnerved him that a fourteen-year-old girl had the hierarchical power to make his life miserable as well as the magical. But he had to hand it to her: Murphy’s Law was never going to catch her. If something could go wrong, she’d know exactly what it was and point it out, usually rather loudly.

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