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Chapter 7

They entered the castle to find someone who could help. The entire place smelled of rosemary, mint and lavender. It was mostly empty, except for the security guards who helped them. They called a nurse in, but they took Lila and Jane to another place. There was someone stretched out on a couch, reading letters.

The security guard shoved Lila and Jane into the room and hurried out.

“Well, that was unusual,” said Jane.

“Unusual seems to be very common right now,” said Lila.

“How ironic,” Jane agreed.

“Hello?” The little faerie on the couch said, looking up from the letter she was reading. “Oh. Um. Yes. Okay. Erm. How do I explain this? Well. Do you know why the guards brought you here?”


“They want me to tell you this story: There was a time, an ancient time, where there was no “fly up to the cloud to get to Faerie Land,” because there was no Faerie Land. All of the fairies living on Earth were scattered across the world. It started when the three in the USA met…” The faerie shook her head. “Sit down. It’s a long story. The three that met were fairies called Kira, Cherry and Sky, who is me. Kira and I became friends when I released her from a bottle floating in the ocean. Her memory had been wiped, which was not very uncommon then and still happens a bit today. We stuck like glue. Then after a while, we found Cherry, who didn’t know what to do with herself. You see, America hadn’t been found by humans yet. But Cherry knew they were coming. If they found us, who knew what could happen? We had to hide somewhere. Cherry looked up at the sky in hopelessness, but Kira thought she meant we could hide there, on a cloud. Crazy but true. The idea was so insane that it worked. We gathered the thirteen fairies from all over the world and founded Faerie Land. Each faerie brought a special characteristic to Faerie Land, like Kira was optimism (looking on the bright side) and I was leadership, and whatever.

There were only two men among the thirteen, and Cherry fell in love with one of them. He was named Aaron. The other guy, Havark, decided that since he was richer than Aaron, he should have ‘first rights’ to Cherry. He tried his best to curse, kill or otherwise get Aaron out of the way. But Cherry defended Aaron. Finally Aaron gave up and left the city. Cherry refused to marry Havark, reminding him it was something they both had to agree on, and he did not love her. She also reminded him, annoyed, that he had tugged her around like a possession, trying all that ‘first rights’ stuff on Aaron. Then she marched off, mumbling about how he would be a better match with Marcella, whose characteristic was concept of war. Havark left in a huff, angry and ready to seek revenge on Aaron. There haven’t been any men in Faerie Land since.

Cherry’s characteristic was wisdom, so of course she was the one to find out that Havark was not a faerie… but she knew, we all knew, that there was a thirteenth faerie out there. We just didn’t know that she was not born yet.” The faerie stopped. Lila sat there, waiting for her to continue. The room was silent.

The silence didn’t last long, because Jane didn’t wait long before saying, “Well, duh. Lila, you’re the thirteenth faerie!”

“Well, why? I mean, there must have been other fairies before me who would have been the thirteenth. Why me?” Lila asked.

“Ah, sweet innocence. You have no idea what you just got into, dear. There is a group of rebel fairies running wild. They have named themselves the Drearies. Guess who’s responsible for them.”

“Havark,” Lila and Jane said in unison.

“Duh,” the faerie said. “Anyway, sweet, I pity you. Each of the thirteen fairies has a bit of a job… I’m leadership, so I have to do that queen thing that’s in every fairytale. Unfortunately, unlike the fairytales, it isn’t such a pretty job. But, even more unfortunately, your job is even worse. You are prophesied to defeat the Drearies in battle. No one cares how you do it, just do it.”

“Okay… Continue until you have any possibility of making sense.”

The queen sighed. “I can’t. There is nothing more to say. Prophecies are never easy to explain. Not even Marcella can beat the Drearies. It is something only you can do. Only you can understand this. But don’t worry – you will understand before you face them. Nobody else will, ever. If you don’t do this, your kind – faerie-kind – is destroyed before the battle even begins. If you succeed, we are saved.”

“Well… I must try, at least. But I can barely fly, and I can’t do magic. I really have no clue how to do anything right now.” Lila said.

“Well, I’m impressed you can fly at all. I’ll make sure by the end of today, you’ll be whizzing around like everyone else. As for magic, I can teach you a few tricks, but most of it you will have to discover on your own. Everything else you will learn here. We’ll teach you sword fighting and all that other stuff you’ll need. Today will be supply-shopping day. I’ll give you a list and money.” The queen handed them a piece of paper. This was written on it:
Buy two each of these:



Wielding a Dagger by Randy Om-faerie

Making Camp by Oter Guy

Finding Food by Cherry

Master Of Disguise by Marie Faerie




Faerie’s gown (go to tailor)

Purse and wallet

Hair tie

Hair brush

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Shampoo and conditioner
“There was actually a faerie named Cherry?” Lila asked.

“When you see her, the name fits.” The queen snickered. “And she was named Cherry, so she thought it was only right to write a book about finding food.”

“Oh,” Jane said.

“And ask the tailor to make your gown the same color as your wings. It’s a custom. That way we know who has found out they are fairies and who hasn’t – safety precaution. Cherry has a red gown, in case you were wondering. Here is 100 faerie currency.  We call our money jingas. I really don’t know whose idea that was, but whatever. At least they’re amused, whoever they are. Here,  90, 95, 100. Oh, get yourselves some lunch.”

100 faerie currency. Well, Lila thought. She looked at Jane, who had the expression on her face that said she was thinking the same thing.

They looked at each other and said in unison,


Sky bust a gut laughing.

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