My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 6

Lila and Jane bought their sandwich ingredients (which was a bit hard because people were gasping, pointing and making fools of themselves with butterfly nets. Jane found it rather funny when she snuck up behind them and said hello rather loudly). They found a place where nobody would notice a couple of fairies flying up to the clouds, and started their journey. They flew and flew until they reached the clouds. They finally reached one, which took a long time because Lila found it hard to go higher than just levitation, and Jane couldn’t do it at all, so Lila had to carry her.

Lila laid down on the cloud, exhausted. Jane questioned the possibility of this, since clouds are more or less high fog, and she was really lying on high fog, which is made of water. Lila shut her up by saying that fairies don’t follow the same set of rules, or even laws of physics, as humans. They had started flying upwards at 6:00, and by now it was 9:00. They were exhausted. Then Jane spotted something – there was a yellow dot on the horizon.

“Come on! I see something,” Jane said, and she tried to wake Lila.

“Mmmmtired…” Lila stirred.

“Fine. Hmph.” Jane started to carry Lila.

After carrying Lila for thirty minutes, the yellow dot got bigger. But Jane was too tired to go any further without resting. The yellow dot came closer…

… and finally it took shape– a small faerie with glowing yellow wings and a flowing gown of the same color. She reached the kids.

“Eep!” she said when she saw Lila, fainting from shock.

When Lila woke, she found a limp faerie body belonging to Rose, a very small faerie with yellow wings, like Jane’s. After waking Jane, the two followed a sign that simply looked like an arrow. Lila had a hunch the faerie’s home was that way. Boy, was she right. After following more signs pointing in other places, the found Faerie Land. Hidden in the realm of magic, the city was visible to no airplanes or helicopters.

They found, inside the city, a very large castle standing in front of them. The gates were closed. There was a little microphone and a button hooked to the gate.

“Hello,” said a voice when Jane pushed the button (Lila was still cradling the eight-inch-high faerie in her arms). “This is the security guard, state your business.”

Jane sighed – such a  cliche. Obviously, Jane and her impatience for over-used lines were not going to answer the question.

“Hello, security guard. My name is Lila, and I have a faerie here that we found who…”

But the gates were already open.

“That works too,” Jane said.

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