My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 64


I saw Molly in the hall and asked her how she’d made her dimension, how she’d put land in it and stuff.
“I just used magic to make a dimension, and that’s something I can’t explain. It started out sort of like the Void Dimension, but I just copied the land from a forest clearing. Scientifically, I sort of made every cell in the clearing go through sort of mitosis and I put the cell copies in the new dimension in the same configuration.”
“You’re a geek,” I said, “but I think you just saved the universe times infinity.”
Molly looked ignorantly happy, and really, really confused. “What the heck?”
I shook my head as I left quickly down the hall and disappeared quickly. I needed to stand back, so I went to the Mirrorworld. I was wondering if even my magic would be strong enough for this, but even though it was dangerous, I had to try it.
I could have gotten killed doing this, and I hesitated. I hesitated just as I had before killing Viper, and I remembered that I’d killed it, and I was going to kill danger once again, one more time, right here. Forget risk to myself.
I stood at the unguarded gate between the Mirrorworld and the dimension of Earth and its surrounding planets. I copied the entire dimension and put it all into the Void Dimension. If that became the lead mirror, nothing would change. At all.

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