My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 59


I heaved the sword with strength I didn’t know I had, and I knocked Viper off its feet. Magic seemed as common as air, and it was everywhere around me, blinding me to anything but the fact that I’d actually wanted to kill something. More than kill. I wanted it to suffer. I was so furious with the most righteous anger that I became the most violent thing on the face of the earth. Pardon the violent description here, but this is what happened. My jaw clenched.
I cut its nose first. It had no hope; it was on the ground now, and at my mercy. I drove slits, long sword slashes, into each arm, and each leg.
“You won’t even leave a pretty corpse,” I spat. I slit the neck, but just barely. I cut off all of the orange hair I could manage, scalping it in places. It – Viper – writhed on the ground in pain, its beauty gone and vanity suffering. I wasn’t going to poke the eyes out until I killed her. She could suffer seeing herself.
I cut across the forehead. She was almost dead.
“I have a feeling,” I muttered, “that you’re alive by magic. Now that magic will kill you, and cold steel. And you deserve all that I will do.”
I couldn’t see anyone else, but I knew that they were shocked as I started rattling off almost every curse word I knew, in one long run-on sentence in which very few words were clean. And I’d picked up quite a few unusual words. That must have been an awkward vocabulary lesson for everyone.
I magically… um… separated her legs from the knee down, then from the thigh down, then the waist. I stood back and left her for a few minutes before coming up for the final move.
I hesitated.
Then I didn’t.
And I killed it.

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