My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 58


Daniel stepped out of the tree. I was waiting for him to attack. He was on air again. I stood, a hand on my sword, a hand on my amethyst staff. Sophie stood near me, also watching Daniel. You couldn’t not watch Daniel.
I’d known Daniel as the most patient wielder, and the most patient person, I had met. I hadn’t seen him lash out. I hadn’t seen him yell, curse, or become furious enough that anger overpowered him. But he was pretty freaking mad now, and I heard him muttering a blue streak. Now I knew why he was the most powerful wielder alive. He couldn’t bear to see anything die.
He’d kill to save things. Only. But death, murder of something or someone innocent… it wouldn’t happen. Not if he could prevent it. I saw it now. I might have been out for blood, but Daniel fought to rescue.
I stopped trying to fight the human soldiers and went to back Daniel up. Sophie came with me. I saw Angel high above, ready to dive, saw Alex grinning over his sword. Khorabelle was nearby, seducing soldiers, and Cat was climbing to the top of a tree in preparation for a flying leap. Hannah used magic to direct all her arrows only to the enemy. Ryder and Keith charged, fighting their path like some hyperactive lawnmower. Everything was happening at once and I wasn’t sure where I stood.
Well, I was sure that I stood in horse dung, but that’s another story.
It didn’t matter where I stood, as it turned out, as long as I could see that Daniel had used the weight of the sword to his advantage and swatted the woman so hard that he knocked her off her feet. And that I also saw what happened next.

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