My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 57


I was still whipping the sword around and landing blows with ease when Daniel got rid of all the Gateguards. The human soldiers were far harder to kill, even for my dangerous karate-using, sword-wielding, enchantress self. But I got through them, and I eventually decided that my sword ought to go through their armor… which it did, making everything a lot easier. The spell wore off after a while, and while I replaced it I launched a high back kick into the chest of the soldier behind me, turning it into a roundhouse kick in the other direction. Efficient. And my boots are heavy.
Compared to spelling, the sword was a lot more fun to use. And it was bloodier. But still, when you imagine the expressions of these macho-thinking dudes when they find themselves suddenly on a deserted island somewhere where crabs eat men… well, that’s fun too.
I looked over and saw that Molly needed no help at all, so I continued thrashing, kicking, swinging the sword, getting away, casting naughty spells (the soldiers don’t have undies now, just FYI)… you get the drift. I was totally enjoying this. I fought my way (literally) over to Molly. She was fighting with all she had. I’d never seen that expression of concentrated satisfaction on her. Now I didn’t care at all about the fact that Daniel had dragged himself over to hide, energy drained; we could fight these off.
I was seriously driving my sword into a human neck when that orange eyed woman called out, “STOP!”
Something about it made everyone and everything stop. I stood, sword frozen in the neck of the evil soldier. I had to keep from giggling… I mean, I’m thirteen and a half, and these soldiers are thirty years old or so. It would help them if they’d had magic, but since these guys were against both the wielders and the books that taught them, that was impossible. Brute force didn’t work on us.
Molly was panting, but even she looked up when the woman held up the book we wanted. She laid it on the ground. “It’s right here,” she said in that tone that dared you to advance. I drove the sword out of the soldier’s neck, and he slumped to the ground. I cleaned the sword on the ground and stared at the woman. She gave me the “come and get it” expression.
Nothing was said. Nobody advanced, nobody attacked.
“Perhaps you don’t want it.”
More silence.
“Come and claim the book.”
We all drew in a breath. She was unapproachable alone except by Daniel, and he was asleep in the tree.
“Then I will claim it!” The woman took up her sword and drove it straight into the center of the book, which laid still.
I knew the voice was Daniel’s.

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