My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 56


I don’t think I’ve ever felt real adrenaline like this, as a kid who stayed in the library most his life. But now I was feeling it, taking flying leaps over everything, hacking and chopping, driving sword and spell into enemy after enemy; it became monotonous to me, but I could tell Molly was enjoying it immensely. I didn’t know how long the fight would last. There were enemies so that an Olympic stadium would be crowded, but with Molly and Sophie around, I wasn’t sure if it would take more than a couple hours. I’d secretly stocked a bunch of essential food and things in Molly’s private dimension, and I wasn’t worried.
I killed thug after thug, but I knew I was supposed to go after Viper. Not Sophie, not Molly, not Keith, Alex, Ryder or Hannah. Me. Because I was the best wielder, and it was my responsibility. I wasn’t excited.
I saw Molly fighting a path – rather easily, I might add – to Viper, and I ran over as well, clearing my own path with a mass spell. I started fighting more and more viciously, and realized that nothing had gone according to plan. Hannah and Cat hid in the sole tree Hannah was able to grow. Alex was clumsily destroying one Gateguard at a time. Sophie was fighting Molly-style. I saw Khorabelle become harpy-like and fly straight up, chanting and making fifty human warriors fall in love with her at once. It didn’t work on the Gateguards. I decided it was time to take serious action, and I stepped on thin air, not trying to hide the skill now. I killed all of the Gateguards at once with a single spell, a strong one that left me exhausted. I went to Hannah’s tree for sleep and left the rest to the others. They could handle it.

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