My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 55


Daniel and I told the others our plan. Everyone was a little freaked that we were being stalked, but satisfied with the idea of tricking our enemies. The idea was that we’d go today. Everyone started taking down camp and collecting their weapons. We definitely weren’t going unarmed.
It seemed a longer distance to the book than we’d thought, and we couldn’t teleport in since the place had major guards up against that kind of stuff, and we couldn’t teleport to anywhere near it because we needed to know where we were going as the magic didn’t. I was really frustrated, but the fact that we were moving to destroy made me happy. I missed shooting stuff. You actually can use the rifle position to aim a wand. It’s really effective, and it reminds me of when I was a trigger-happy five year old running around with a metal rod, blasting up the ugly tree stump in the back yard. I recall that I eventually blew it to shreds, but grass was much too afraid to grow there.
But anyway, I had the rest of the ride to plot, rejoice, and worry. I seemed to be doing a lot of the latter, though Sophie wasn’t. She was clipping her nails, sitting behind someone on the horse in front of me. I asked her why, and she said it was so she wouldn’t claw herself when she socks that woman in the face. Sheesh, are we all going after her?
I made sure the horse was going in the right direction and reached for my backpack. I twisted my hand oddly trying to get it, but ended up with my pack in front of me, so that I could see it. I reached in for my worry-stone and felt it, cool as ever in my sweaty hand. It didn’t help much, and I put my pack back in place.
I started watching Sophie, in that spy way where the person being watched can’t really realize it. I saw her look at the nail clippers, look at her backpack, and shove the clippers in her jeans pocket. How she can kick in jeans, I have no clue.
I started thinking about Keith. Okay, I admit it, I like him. How was he handling the worry? The stress? And Daniel? Daniel had to be a little knocked. I was sent to find Mr. Invincible Wielder, but it’s an actual person, and a kid at that. The fact that Daniel was only thirteen made everything so much more real. An adult who talked down to me, then it would be so much simpler. I would receive no respect from them (that pesky teenager), and almost everything on my hands, which I would deal with quietly so the person would save the universe and whatever, and I would go back to teaching because my job was done. But with Daniel and this group, it was so much different. I was the oldest there, and respected and trusted as a powerful spy mage who knew where she was going, which I was. But it drew attention to me, and I felt helplessly trapped between feeling a requirement to do something and having Daniel actually start to protect me since I was only here because of him. It didn’t help that I’d let my guard down long enough to let him realize I wasn’t missile-proof. It made me want to fight everything. Sort of a good/bad thing here.
The problem being that I wasn’t exactly enjoying this desperate feeling to do anything. My mission had been yanked away from me; someone had silently said, “You’re not needed…” and I couldn’t go back to teaching knowing I’d abandoned the quest and left them, especially since I was defying an assignment. I knew I was staying.
I wanted this fight. I wanted to kill something. I was out for blood.
I looked at the sword I carried. Was it long enough, was it heavy enough? Yes, I decided. It was. And if it wasn’t, I would win anyway, and gain power from that knowledge. I was ready to swing that sword with all my strength into something. I hoped we weren’t just fighting Gateguards. I wanted something else, a challenge. Because I was going to kill it. I hoped we didn’t get there in time and everything was there and I could hack my way through everything, because today everyone in our group, everyone in the Mirrorworld, everyone in all the universes except for those people was going to LIVE. I was going to make sure of it. It would happen.
I was thrilled when we came to the battleground and everyone stormed us. I hacked everything, slashed everything, killed about thirty Gateguards in the first minute outright. I wanted blood, and I was going to get it… from everything.

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