My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 54


I stayed up late. Daniel had been sitting in the same tree for maybe half an hour. I was watching the light filtering through the trees; it had come down slightly tinted different colors. I wanted to know what he was doing. I stayed out, watching, for a long time. When all lights dimmed, I felt somehow safer. Without the soft flicker of light from the trees, I could see what else was going on in the night. I could see Sophie’s shadow in her tent, lit as she wrote something down. I gathered my black cloak around myself tighter and tried to disappear. I don’t know how I did it, and I want to learn to do it again. I’m going to need it. Daniel doesn’t want to depend on magic, but I don’t mind relying on it, at least for some things. It’s caught our food, saved us from walking, and so far, defeated our enemies. I do agree, though, that it is getting kind of boring around here, and we need a better challenge.
I felt a chill run through the camp. I knew this magic. I’d taught it to my students. Uh oh…
Someone was looking for us, using magic. It could only be… no. We’re not ready! Get back!
I hastily spat a cloaking spell – we’d be invisible to our enemies and any of their spells. Daniel felt the magic and slid down the tree. He found me in mid-spell.
“Why are you up so late?”
I finished the spell and repeated the question back to him.
“I was setting up protection.”
“I’m just up,” I said, “and it’s a good thing I was, because someone’s looking for us. We need to get the heck out of here. I cloaked us, but we need to get the book before they come looking for us themselves.”
“I was thinking the same ting, but now that you mention it…” Daniel said, looking thoughtful.
“What?” I said.
“We ought to let them think that we’re off on the other side of the Mirrorworld while we just go steal the book.”
“But the shifter said we shouldn’t try to sneak in, just fight the whole way through.”
Daniel scowled. “Of all people, I’d think that you’d be the last to trust that crazy old bat.”
I nodded. “That’s true.”
“So let’s do that. But we’ll go in equipped anyway.”
“No duh.”
Daniel just blinked at me and went to bed. I stayed out in the freezing wind, with my black cloak, holding my amethyst staff tight in my hand.

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