My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 52


It’s sort of weird having a girl beat you at swordplay. It’s even weirder having an inexperienced girl beat you at swordplay. And that was what was happening. I was second-guessing the superheavy sword; maybe I wasn’t as physically strong as I thought I was.
I think Sophie got hyper in the middle of one of our duels, and she kind of whirled around like some little faerie with a sword, though I didn’t tell her that, because the faerie had gotten better and it would have been suicide. But she did try and question me when I grinned.
I was feeling better now. We were making progress, and I had proof now that we were the fighters we thought we were. And we had better weapons, which made me feel a whole lot safer. I think I did the right thing, stopping us. It would postpone the fight, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. It might make the Gateguards drop their defenses… if we’re lucky.
But we still have to be fast. We didn’t go to the bookstore for the remainder of talking books yet, and that’s actually where most of them are. I was less jittery, but it didn’t mean I was calm. No.
Molly did give me an energy drink as well, but those things have little to no effect on me. They never have. I wish they did, sort of, if it made this sword seem lighter. But it’s the strongest one in the shop, so I’m determined to learn to use it.
This group seemed so innocent a couple weeks ago. It’s been a little less than a month, and they’ve all turned into savage destroyers of pretty much everything. I’m sort of impressed, but magic is my weapon of choice.
I don’t know if any of us know what we’re doing. I… I’m just tired. It’s all been kind of stress inducing, and I don’t want to fight like this. I think we got a little bit of confirmation with the training, but are we making real progress? I don’t know.
I found a way away from Sophie. I didn’t know what to do. The best thing I could do was to think about it not as a huge battle, but as a mission to get the book. Which was what it was. So I relaxed a little.
I chucked off the huge wad of chain mail. I stared at it and thought, Really? Are we really going to fight like that? We don’t have a year!
I faced it: we weren’t surrounded by a bunch of other people that knew how to fight. We just had… us. A bunch of semi-hygienic teenagers. None of us had really fought except Molly and maybe Cat. We’d shot off a couple spells, but we didn’t really know how we did it. Did we need to?
Maybe I’m over-stressing. Over-thinking. Worrying too much. But the fact was, I had ten kids who needed to survive this mission, and to complete the mission, we needed to fight. The problem was that these kids were just kids (technically, none of us were over 18) and we had maybe a month left to prepare before the Gateguards got tired of waiting for us to come waltzing in for the book and came to bump us off themselves.
I wrote it all out on a piece of paper from a notebook I’d stashed in the bottom of my backpack. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.
And I got nothing. Then I looked at it again and tried to pick out the obvious: I needed a really, really good protection spell, not armor. So get rid of that. Cat needed good places to hide. Hannah needed a place where she could be protected and shoot her bow. If Hannah taught Angel to shoot a bow, she could fly and shoot. I heard Hannah figured out what species Angel was, so I’m hoping that Angel has even more power. Ryder has plans to fight on the horse like some knight. I won’t interfere. I’m not sure what Khorabelle plans to do, or Alex. Alex has a bronze sword, but refuses to touch iron, as if he were some sort of Celtic creature. I don’t know much about vampires, but whatever. Alex doesn’t really need to worry about dying or anything, so he can do whatever the heck he wants.
Molly seems to have plans for being completely decked out in armor. At least she’ll be well protected. I just hope she doesn’t go overboard. As far as I know, Keith is going with Ryder to help. A regular squire. Sheesh, I just said we should get better melee, not that we’re going back in time!
I had a feeling that Sophie and I were going to end up being defensive by being offensive – just stabbing whoever’s attacking us. But I needed to plot out what I was going to do about this  stuff. I needed to plan.
On another sheet of paper, I wrote a checklist…
-Make sure Hannah’s ready to plant some quick trees for Cat to hide in.
-Ask Hannah to teach Angel how to shoot a bow.
-Make sure Cat got the shortsword she was thinking about.
Hmm. Maybe not. I shoved the papers in the bottom of my pack again. I would say something at dinner, when everyone was around. In the meantime, I was going to catch dinner… at KFC.

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