My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 51


Man. Molly’s teaching side must be taking over. I saw her with Daniel after karate, and man, that kid – KID – is mean with a sword. She could have done ballet in that armor. Some sort of evil, perverted ballet.
I was going to take that weird woman apart myself. The orange-eyed chick. Between karate, sword skills, and magic, she was done for. I mean, she can’t even match me in magic, so if I have other skills as well… man.
I’m not invincible, but if I keep this up for the several months that we’re here, combined with good armor, I oughta be able to beat anything we come up against. I hope. I just hope.
Molly helped me with my rapier, and I caught on quicker than Daniel had. But then, I had a lighter sword; it makes a difference. Molly declared me good enough to teach Daniel for now, and went to go correct Keith’s posture.
I don’t know… much as I enjoy beating up Daniel, I was getting bored with this training stuff. I needed a real challenge, something better to fight, maybe even better than Molly. I needed a magical challenge, something that wasn’t vulnerable to a lot of things and that could take a lot of damage. Bonus points if it tries to kill me. Something like the hairy monster we found in the forest… but I wasn’t going to go back there.
I’d drunk a lot of energy drinks by now, and I was at that state of super-hyper energy abundance where you just want to rip across some field or something somewhere. I was feeling awesome.
I’ve gotten so hyper I’m feeling silly, sort of giddy, just kind of blissfully energetic. I challenged Daniel again, before it wore off, and spun with the sword so erratically that when he attacked, I had built up the energy to jump away easily. I found out that my energy was magic-based and it had effected my swordplay. Hmm. If I could find a way to do this at will, then I could fight a whole lot better… and that, I decided, was my new challenge.

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