My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 49


I don’t see why I have to learn karate or train in anything. If I needed to train in one thing, it’s learning how to keep this staff out of my way. I’m not too keen on it. I’m thinking of getting the shortsword that Hannah ditched at the shop. Just because she hated it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t.
I’ve already developed my own fighting style, dropping out of trees to fall on people and knock them out with a firm blow to the temples, or to pop their eardrums, or to slink up close to the ground and slash people’s ankles with my claws to catch them by surprise. Really, I should be teaching this stuff. Too bad there aren’t very many half-cat people around to learn it.
I can also teleport from one tree to another with Chikian magic. It’s really easy, but I can’t quite figure out how to explain it. Other magic I can do include extending tree roots to trip people so they can have cat-fang at the neck and calling snakes (or dogs – but really, any sufficiently loud cat can do that). Oh… and I can use magic to find out what someone’s thinking. I’m not sure if I got that through my cat side, but it’s not a Chikian thing, and as far as I know, neither cats nor humans can do it. I hope.
I can leap higher than anyone else here, and then I can strike the ground with magic to push myself higher. There’s a bunch of other stuff, too, but if I say all of it here and it falls into the wrong hands, I want to keep a few things secret. With Khorabelle around, I wouldn’t have the chance to say them if I wanted to.
I noticed a long time ago that Khorabelle hasn’t practiced anything but singing. I’ve never seen her practice her “powers,” which only leads me to believe that she doesn’t have any. Unless they’re karaoke powers.
I bet I could shoot a bow pretty well, too, but if I turned too catlike against my will, my all-too-sharp claws would cut the bowstring. No, I’m going to get the shortsword. My attacks are secretive; I don’t need defense, especially when I can be up a tree and across the world in no time flat.
I just want everyone else to… live. To live through this. Not just our party, but everyone. I don’t want any more of this on-the-verge-of-death stuff. But I trust our party, and I trust Daniel. I know he’s been wondering if we consider him leader or not, and I’ve decided that if the issue comes up, I’m voting for him. He’s kept us all healthy so far, even risked his own life to save Keith for Molly. He helped all of us escape the fiery-eyed woman’s trap, and everyone had a heck of a lot of fun doing it. Well, except Khorabelle, who insisted that everything there was just too yucky.
I don’t know what’ll happen. I just don’t want the rest of the party to be killed. They’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Before Daniel and Sophie found us in the forest, Khorabelle had always gotten in trouble of some sort and gotten a fairytale curse cast on her, and she’d drag me into her trouble. I’d tried to escape her a number of times, but it hadn’t worked. Even when she got caught up in Shrek (ha ha, you should have heard her scream), I ended up as Puss in Boots. That must have been the first blonde Fiona and the first female Puss.
That’s my only wish. I’m not worried about myself. I just don’t want anyone else to get killed. I want to stay with this group after this crazy quest is over and done with. I want to go to school with Angel, who I heard is half faerie. Well, good for her. We need more half humans around here. I’m not alone anymore.
I think I will get that shortsword.

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