My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 48


I don’t know how we could have ignored our own weapons for so long, but I’m glad Daniel pointed it out. I learned a really cool technique: using my sword while riding my horse. It is so awesome. I can’t wait to use it for real, when we go into battle. I wonder if I can get Hannah to learn to shoot her bow while riding. She would look so cool.
I liked how everyone was doing this battle stuff together. It made me feel like we were still in the Middle Ages, at some castle’s knight training grounds. Except, ya know, half of the party is girls. And we can all understand each other. That sounded like a joke, so I rode up to Hannah.
“Come, fair maiden, learn the ways of ye sword.”
“Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.” Hannah shot her arrow and got dang close to the target’s center. Molly clapped. She’d been teaching Hannah for the past couple of weeks – I mean fortnight.
“We’re dangerous as it is,” Hannah said, grinning.
“A fortnight of training does not make a knight!” Hannah and Molly started giggling.
I was wondering when Molly started taking happy pills.
“Maybe for you,” Molly said, and grinned evilly.
That’s more like it.
“I can show you exactly how knightly I am,” Hannah offered with a grin.
“That’s all right.”
“Hannah…” Molly said, “your form is getting sloppy. You need a heavier drawing bow.”
“What?” I said.
“A bow that’s harder to pull and has more powerful. We’re going to the weapons shop again. You can come if you like.”
I teleported us to the shop, and Hannah and Molly went straight to the bows. It was lucky that Molly’s first weapon had actually been a bow, so she knew the form and everything. It was true that Hannah was a lot better with a bow than she was with the shortsword. I found it sort of amusing how awkwardly clumsy she’d been, but now she could hit near the center of the target from fifty feet away. She was stronger than I’d realized, and was shooting a pretty powerful bow.  Well then.
Sophie was just coming out of karate, mopping up sweat. “I’m going to go get a haircut. My hair’s getting in my way, and I can’t tie it back forever. It comes loose.” She left, draining the last of a bottle of Gatorade that had been full five minutes ago.
Looking around the store, I found a better saddle. I was thinking, Hey, what the heck, I have an excuse to get this even though it’s worth more than the horse itself. So I bought it. I like having an excuse to get incredibly expensive stuff, and now I can leap dimensions and hide the money in another place.
When we returned to the camp, Hannah actually hit the center of the target. Her posture was better, and she stood more sideways, drawing the bow all the way back.
What impressed me was that her bow wasn’t a compound or a crossbow. Just a regular bow – no mechanical help. It must have been pretty hard to pull, because by the end of the day she was as sweaty as Sophie had been.
Sophie came back with her hair cut in a short bob. The only thing that kept Molly from freaking out was that Sophie didn’t have a bunch of sticks in her hair, like Raven had. Still, she jumped when Sophie came back to camp.
Sophie was also wearing a better robe and had bought some rubber bands, probably in hope that they’d keep her hair back better than the fabric-covered ones. I guess they’d have more traction or something. I wouldn’t know. I’m not a girl.
I heard once about a Shapee who, in the middle of doing an errand, had to shapeshift into a girl to get whatever it was done. He had to talk in a squeaky high voice and claim he had a cold. This sort of makes me grateful I’m a mage… I have an excuse not to do that. Creepy.
I wonder how long we’re staying here at camp. I want to go fight something real! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look for a bear or something.

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