My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 43


We set off in the direction of the Gateguard camp thing later that day, while it was still light out. I didn’t want to sneak in at night, because while that might be a little bit better for our cover, the Gateguards would be swarming around the place then. Jeff had decided that we didn’t need him or, for that matter, the car (which we didn’t, of course) anymore, and high-tailed it to the greasy food shop.
We all knew that while Angel and Hannah could easily rid our path of Gateguards, it would let all the other stations know we were there. Which would be bad. So we didn’t do it.
We snuck in. It felt odd, a huge crowd of semi-hygienic adolescent magic wielders creeping around an enemy camp in broad daylight. But I knew we were doing what we were supposed to do, if Mage knew what he was talking about. I didn’t really doubt him, but… he didn’t know everything. He could be wrong. I’ve seen it before.
We wove our way in between the tents. We had only seen one Gateguard so far – it had been asleep on the perimeter of the camp. Security was really shabby here for something that guards the immigration through dimensions. I think I got why the Nyms wanted the Gateguards out.
Then we were spotted. A patrol guard saw us. Hannah gasped, but Daniel made the slit-throat “shut up” sign at her. The Gateguard stared at us for a while, then walked away.
“Come on!” Daniel whispered. “We gotta hurry. They’re going to trace that back to me, and they’ll know that we were here. We have to get what we need and get out as fast as possible!”
“Then why did you do the spell?” I asked, panting to keep up with Daniel, who had broken into a run.
“I didn’t see you doing anything!”
I decided not to argue. While still running, I yanked open my pack and asked Mage what the heck we were looking for.
“Next tent on the left!” he said. I don’t want to know how he knows how this place is arranged. But I told Daniel, and we all rushed in before anyone could see.
*    *    *
Down that row of tents, someone saw.
“He is here,” she hissed. “Why?”

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