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Chapter 40


I took watch. It would give me time to think things through. Had I done the right thing, telling Daniel and Sophie the intensity of their mission? Why did Mage decide to conceal this in the first place? I was sure that Daniel was asking himself that.
As far as I was concerned, Daniel was dangerous. He was clueless about pretty much everything. If it wasn’t in a book somewhere, he didn’t seem to know about it. He wasn’t like Sophie, who had half a social life.
But somehow, he was insanely good at magic. He could fight, he could heal, and he could teleport us around, which, frankly, I was kind of worried about. As far as I knew, teleporting was something that enchantresses could do, but not many others, and definitely not mages. Mages were supposed to be good at book magic as a specialty, but Daniel could do anything he wanted, whenever he wanted, with a twitch of his staff. It freaked me out. I began to question why he needed protection. It seemed, lately, like he was protecting me.
And Sophie. Sophie was cool. Sophie knew sarcasm like it was her identical twin. She could use anything down to a stick as her wand, with no training. I’d even seen her pull out a strand of hair and use that. But Sophie was intelligent, while Daniel just seemed crazy.
I was really beginning to question whether Daniel was a mage at all. He was so powerful that the idea of him being his own wielder type – well, I wouldn’t put it past him. He could work without a staff! How–? It’s impossible. As a general rule, every wielder type needs their implement to work magic. Always. The staff or wand is so important to its owner that some wielders sleep with one hand on theirs. It’s ridiculously important. Only the most powerful wielders can work with other objects than their first implement. And Daniel had other strange skills I just couldn’t explain – like running on air. Not flying – just hardening the air enough to support his weight, and letting it stay invisible. I think. But I had to hide in a tree to figure that out. I wonder what other skills he’s not telling us about.
But he seems to know who he is. Sometimes I think he’s the only one in this group who really does. It’s important. This is the only reason I haven’t trucked him off to the funny farm. He knows himself and barely anything else. I wonder if that’s Mage’s doing. It could very well be. Mage could have known that Daniel would get strong, so he blinded him slightly to protect him from the Mirrorworld transition. It must have been one of their stupid, neurotic safety measures. Daniel couldn’t be that stupid.
Or maybe he’d just had his nose stuck in a book for so long that it was as if he’d lived under a rock for years. I don’t know. I’m dying to find out how he got so powerful if he’s that clueless, that out of the loop. I mean, surely the book thing would help a little, but any magic wielder needed to be aware of things…
Oh. Right. He’s a guy. I tend to think about everyone as if they think like me, as if they have my mindset. (It drives me nuts when I don’t know what’s going on. It’s a spy thing.)
The more I thought about Daniel, the more suspicious I became: I knew no other person who was so thoroughly separated from the rest of the universe, and Daniel had already shown me that he wasn’t telling us everything. Was I right in telling him the details of our quest?
But I had one inlet for info: Sophie. Daniel had taken to her. I’m not sure, but I think Sophie likes him back. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised. When a girl can continually slap a boy in their face, the guy, for some reason, likes it or something and comes back for more. And the girls just like picking on people. (It’s fun.) I’ve seen the pattern, although I’m not enough into that gushy stuff to understand why.
Anyway, Daniel trusted Sophie, and I think that Sophie trusts Daniel, no matter how skeptical I was. Sophie could always tell me what was going on. I trusted her. I just hope that the secrets about why we’re here that I tell Sophie don’t get leaked to Daniel.
I decided that I’d found the answer. Daniel wasn’t stupid; he was just clever. I wasn’t too sure of his intentions, but I knew he’d kept a few secrets from us. I had to keep an eye on him, and I planned to tell Sophie. You know what they say – “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I needed to find out what he was up to. But I also had to remember my goal:
Keep Sophie close and Daniel on constant watch.

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