My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 37


As soon as Daniel was conscious, he immediately felt guilty – he hadn’t reset the alarm. But then his built-in logic sensor reminded him that he had to do that, or Molly could fall even deeper into depression, and if he did reset the sensors, then they would detect that they had been reset. Which would let them know that the sensors had been disabled, so everyone would freak out and it would alert the even bigger troop of Gateguards, which would trap them in a worse situation. Daniel sighed. Logic like that made his head hurt, and it didn’t mix well with the fact that he was strapped down.
He heard an extremely loud horn. Everyone, groaning, immediately woke up. Daniel’s head spun – it felt like he’d been drugged, and everything was happening at once.
Then he realized with a start that his staff was gone – he couldn’t do magic, couldn’t get them out of there. Mage had told him that magic wielders couldn’t do anything without something to do it with. But then, he wasn’t –
Daniel didn’t have time to finish the thought, because a horde of Gateguards stepped in.
One stepped forward. “You are a threat to our way of life, to our occupation, and to our existence. You must be terminated.”
Another hooded figure strode up to Daniel. “Yes,” the figure said in a sleek voice that was definitely female, and whipped back the black hood to reveal a head of dark red hair and orange, blazing eyes. Daniel frowned – she couldn’t be a Gateguard. What was she?
Her long white fingers curled into a fist. “Yes. It has been a long time since I have, have I, waited, yes, to get my hands on you… so young, so cute, and yet, such a threat.”
“Yeah,” Daniel heard Sophie scoff. He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding – Sophie was awake. “A young, cute threat who’s gonna kick your butt!” Sophie tried to cast a spell to release the chains that bound them. It didn’t work – she didn’t have her wand. Now Daniel remembered his unfinished thought – he wasn’t like most magic wielders, and Mage had been surprised at how powerful he’d gotten, so he couldn’t predict that Daniel would end up being the most powerful.
His concentration stopped there when the sleek voice spoke again. “Yes, unfortunately, you must be terminated. We must survive, and you threaten us. We cannot have threats, now, can we?”
“Pah!” Sophie said. “The only reason you can’t is because they’ll succeed in beating you!”
“You will be first,” the voice hissed, “right after you, telltale spy.”
Molly tensed, and Daniel remembered that the only reason she was here was to protect them. If it weren’t for them, she’d be playing Doom on her computer right now.
“Allae Thaenik Mouroy!” Daniel said, and the chains disappeared. Suddenly Molly was on her feet, away from the knife, and leaping onto a table. She knew her job: cause a diversion while Daniel finds his staff so he can do powerful enough magic to get them out of there. She started breaking everything in sight, but the viperous female’s gaze was fixed on Daniel.
“So it is true,” she said, her voice low. Her orange eyes blazed even more, and she said, “You can work without a staff.”
Daniel had to stare straight at her – she had an odd, hypnotizing quality. “We improvise,” he said, and that was when he tore away from her gaze, found a stick, and threw it to Sophie. Sophie caught it neatly, and Daniel gave her a look. She got the message: make sure all heck breaks loose. This would get fun. She grinned. Viper stared in horror at Sophie, who was good enough to use even the simplest of tools, and who now had the ability to use reality-changing magic. Oops.
While Viper, as Daniel had decided to call her (instead of Weird Eye Color Girl), was distracted, Daniel slipped away. In another room, he found a bag that looked lumpy enough to have the equipment in it, touched it, and got shocked. He should have checked first! So stupid! He chided himself and muttered several euphemisms under his breath. He’d trained himself not to curse – it was enough having everyone else blame him for their swearing without adding his own to the mix.
Flicking his hand back and forth to regain feeling, Daniel muttered a spell under his breath and opened the bag. He found his staff, and quickly sent the magical weapons to their owners using magic, because, if Sophie did her job right, it would be a hard time finding everyone separately.
And Sophie always did jobs like this perfectly.

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