My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 36


When Daniel teleported everyone back into the agency, they decided to go and try to find Molly.
Molly looked overjoyed, then gave Daniel a questioning look. Before she could say anything, Daniel blurted out a lie that he hoped sounded plausible: “Hannah found him. I went looking for her in the forest, because I hadn’t seen her around for a few hours. We found her in the forest, Cat and I, and she said she’d found a way to restore his life.” He gave his trademark “innocent/earnest” look, the one that had gotten him out of trouble all too many times.
Molly gave a “yeah, right,” look in return, then pretended to fall for it. “Well, thank you, Hannah,” she said, smiling like she never did when she wasn’t acting. Daniel caught it. He knew she didn’t believe him. Dang, he thought, you can’t get ANYTHING past her. Then he remembered that she was a spy.
Daniel smiled, going along with it, and waved bye. After all, doing that and looking a little dumb was better than being questioned further. But he did make sure that a sparrow stopped by on Molly’s windowsill after everyone had left, said, “Bye bye, lovebirds!” and tried to fly away cackling, but not before Messenger pounced on it, grinned at Molly through her prey, and trotted off into the woods with the sparrow.
Daniel wasn’t feeling so jaunty as he walked down the hall. This meant something big – Molly was attached to Keith, and that could easily end up very bad…
*    *    *
The next day, since the magic teacher had escaped to teach a different class, they had Spy Training. This time, the teacher was a short, chubby, balding old man who sort of mumbled and stuttered when he talked.
“N-now,” the instructor said with increasing fear as Sophie grinned evilly, “w-who can tell m-me how to s-secretly approach an enemy b-base?” He slouched in his chair and cowered as the air piranhas swirled around his feet. They were just Sophie’s illusion, and everyone but the teacher knew it, since at the start of class, she’d made them do the Hamster Dance. They really freaked the teacher out, especially when they looked up at him and barked like a dog. Then they’d pant, and they’d bug him until he gave them a dog treat. Worse, Sophie spent the class period trying to think of new things to make her pet piranhas do.
After a piranha looked up at the instructor and said, “Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I have a dog treat?” things really went odd. Daniel had forgotten to reset the magic sensors after the Keith mission, and a large troop of Gateguards had invaded. Of course, he was one of the first to hear about it, because Messenger kept a close eye on things. The Gateguards, however, had already broken the lines and burst into every classroom, including – you guessed it.
But Daniel didn’t know what happened next, because that was when everyone blacked out.

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