My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 35

The Void Dimension was rather boring. There was nothing there. But Daniel didn’t plan to stay long – just long enough to rescue Keith. Again. Daniel teleported to Keith, using the detail of his voice. Daniel figured that since Keith’s body was still in the other dimension, he couldn’t use Keith’s clothes or anything. But obviously he couldn’t talk in that dimension, so that bit would be in here.
For once, Daniel’s unusually intricate thought process paid off. He found sort of a shadow of Keith, not a whole body, looking kind of like a ghost.
“Hey, dude,” Daniel said. “It looks like I’m gonna rescue you again. But this time, you deserve it, because Molly told me that I’m part of the reason you’re in here. She had to do that spell to protect the rest of us, but you were watching, so you were forced to go here.” Daniel motioned around. “But, um, Keith… you know, Molly’s got a thing for you. And Molly doesn’t have a thing for very many people. She likes ya.”
“What?” Keith said, the word dropping away into the distance. “Molly?”
Daniel nodded. “And since she likes you, she’s gotten really, really depressed because she thinks you’re dead. That’s why I’m here. She’ll be ticked at me for doing this, but…”
Daniel took both of them back. It was easy, since he had his staff and could do whatever magic he wanted. Keith’s eyes opened in alarm. He sat up, looked at Daniel, and said, “Weird, dude, weird.”
Hannah and Cat just looked at each other and shook their heads.
That is so Daniel, Hannah thought.

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