My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 34

The rest of the day carried on somewhat like that, with the instructor periodically suspended in midair, plants growing rather quickly out of the floor and tripping people out in the hall, and ceiling lights blinking to the rhythm of famous Mozart pieces. The day ended with Sophie’s face frozen in a grin, Angel making big, innocent blue eyes and Daniel shaking his head so much that he looked like one of those bobble-heads that you get at baseball games. Ryder sighed and said, “Y’guys are nuts.” * * * That night, Sophie went to bed thinking about what had happened. She wondered if Molly was actually teaching a class. Molly seemed kind of explosive and unstable lately, like she was a high-strung time bomb that would go off in a certain amount of time. And not just a stink bomb. Then Sophie remembered something: she remembered Daniel’s look of sympathy when he saw Molly standing over Keith. She also remembered that she hadn’t seen him since class was over. * * * Daniel crept through the forest. It hadn’t been hard to escape even a high-security spy agency when you’re the most powerful mage in the world, even though the agency had magic sensors. Daniel’s magic was more powerful, so he’d just disabled them before they could even detect that spell, and then he teleported out to avoid the security cameras. This was for Molly’s own good. It helped that Daniel had Cat with him, to sniff out the trail. Daniel didn’t remember enough about the place to teleport there. It had been a long time since they had been outside, so it took them a long time to find the trail. It was dark out now, and they’d started after class. They were getting hungry, but Daniel could stand it to help Sophie’s friend. Then he remembered that he didn’t have to suffer like he would have had to a few years ago. Daniel looked up. He’d sworn that he’d seen fruit trees earlier, when it was light out, but the fruit was up high. He leaped into the air, and it responded as if it had taken the form of a staircase, with steps wherever he wanted them. Cat looked surprised, but she’d sort of expected this kind of thing. Daniel walked up and around until he found a fruit tree. He picked some that looked ripe and jumped off the invisible staircase until he decided to break his fall, and suddenly there was ground beneath his feet. Hmm. That could get useful when it was muddy. While they were eating, they heard another voice. Daniel hoped it wasn’t someone bad. The voice sounded familiar, though. Daniel put the untouched fruit in his backpack and followed the voice. It was Hannah, who was sitting over Keith. “I’ve been keeping him from starving,” she said when Daniel asked why she was out here. “Part of him ended up in the Void Dimension. He’s lucky – his mind didn’t merge with the monster’s or anything. There’s no food in the Void Dimension, though, so until I could come up with something, I just needed to keep him alive.” “Thanks, Hannah,” Daniel said. “You told me what I needed to know. Cat, you stay here.” “Daniel, what are you…” Cat started, but Daniel had vanished, leaving her to sit with Hannah over the body of their one casualty.

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