My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 6

Lila had been acting odd lately. The most Leo saw of her was at mealtimes and she seemed very nervous. She would eat quickly and then excuse herself and mutter that she was going to her room to read. If Leo walked up to her and asked her what was wrong, she’d jump and say, “Nothing,” really fast and, “Erh… I’m gonna go read now.” Then she’d run off to her room, still shaking. She would scurry off to her room, lock the door, and be quiet for about three hours, or until the next mealtime. Leo thought she had never been this worried. Perhaps the cookies really were dangerous, Leo thought. He shrugged off this possibility. He decided to spy on her. This would be easy since she was always in her room. He would spy on her through the crack under her door. Nice, he thought. A way to spy AND eavesdrop at the same time!

For the next few days he lingered around Lila’s door, wearing white to blend with the walls sometimes, and eavesdrop. There was the turning of pages, big pages, not the pages of the small thin chapter books that Lila normally read.

That night Leo ate early so while Lila was eating later, he could sneak into her room and see what the big book was about.

The book said (on the page Lila had book-marked):

Many people witnessed consuming some “magic cookies” were said to go insane.

Oh, that figured, Leo thought to himself. Lila was just extremely terrified that I’d go insane.
He turned to the front cover. It was a library book. It said FICTION on the little red sticker on the binding. Hmm, he thought. He turned to the copyright page. It said NONFICTION at the bottom of the page. How very confusing, Leo thought to himself. He decided to keep watch on Lila’s behavior, but leave the book alone for now. It seemed stupid to Leo, that Lila believes whatever she reads. Like there’s some stupid enchantment on a bunch of cookies. And why, anyway, would they show up at Leo’s house?!?! Now THAT was dumb.

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