My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 5

Leo stuffed the third napkin down his shirt, folding it to make it unnoticeable. The book said dragons would eat salad, and not turn down a free meal. Leo hated salad. All through dinner, when no one was watching, he would drop salad down his shirt into the napkins.

Later that night, Leo snuck into the basement and found some rope. He retrieved the salad from dinner he had dropped down his shirt. Outside on the patio, he set up a lasso trap with the salad in the middle. He set up a hidden camera in a nearby plant, and went to bed.

Early that morning, he checked his trap. The salad was gone but the trap was still there, empty.

Dang raccoons, Leo thought. He watched the video on the camera anyway. He found that a dragon had come along, looked at the trap and picked up two sticks to use as chopsticks to get to the salad without getting caught. Leo had forgotten that dragons were smart.

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