My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 3

Leo was glad that lunch was before Science class so he could think up an excuse. He found himself giving up and bracing himself for detention. He sighed, then blew on his chili to cool it down. Exactly the opposite was done. He blew on his chili, spurting a gust of fire. The bowl remained unharmed, amazingly. Leo coughed from the fumes, making more fire and smoke. This time it was enough to set the smoke alarm off, and water poured down from the ceiling, getting him wet. Someone pulled the fire alarm switch, adding to the noise. All the children were escorted out of the building, and sent home until further notice.

The next day was “further notice”, because they were all sent back to school. Leo was actually glad that they didn’t have to wait, because Friday was Mythology day. Every month, the second Friday was Mythology Day.
And on Mythology day there was no time for science experiments, because Mr. Indmitbuls was too busy ranting about how fairies don’t exist and science backs it up. He thought it was pointless trying to teach nine-year-olds what a mermaid looks like because they “DON”T EXIST! It is POINTLESS teaching you BRATS that MYTHOLOGICAL JUNK!!! After THAT you start believing in FAIRIES of all things, and I don’t even get PAID WELL for listening to you kids REASON with me and try to make me believe all those STORIES!!!” After that he would lurch off grumbling about aliens on Mars, or Atlantis, but the most common one was that all those old faerie tales brainwashed the tiny idiots into believing that magic frogs really existed.

Here was how it worked:

In Reading there was always a faerie tale, and some fiction text book with all of the mythological creatures, what they looked like healthy and what they eat and all that stuff, which was moderately interesting except that they had to take stupid notes on it.

In English there was an editing page with something having to do with some creature.

In Writing they read a paragraph about some creature and gave a short “Paragraph Report” about it.

In Math there were word problems having to do with mythology.

In Spanish they learned how to say “Elf” in fifteen different languages.

And of course, there’s Science, with rambling Spakhet Indmitbuls. Leo liked this because watching the old man rant was extremely funny and he didn’t have to learn anything at that time.     He wondered how many Mythology days it would be before the old man’s shouts would weaken him and then he would fall down on the floor, asleep, and go into retirement. He was already 65.

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