My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 2

The next day was Monday. The day that most kids went to school refreshed after a weekend. Refreshed and ready and enthusiastic about learning. Riiiiiiiiiigggghhhttt.

Normally Leo would be among them, but today was different. Today he had a bad cold and he had to stay home because he had a very high temperature. And if he’d had different parents he would be very happy, but his dad worked at a physical therapy center and he was a firm believer in the opinion that physical therapy was the cure for the common cold. In other words, his dad made him get out in the driveway and exercise for an hour a day while he had a cold, which added allergies to it all. Which ended in a sneezing fit. Leo spat fire.

“Uggh,” Leo thought, “my mom told me not to eat that spicy salsa. I’ll never hear the end of it if she finds out!”

A few days later Leo was back on his feet and going to school again. He thought that the fiery sneezing fit before was some weird side effect of the combined cold and allergies, and wasn’t going to happen again. It better not. By now it was Thursday, and Leo remembered belatedly that on Thursday he was supposed to have a question ready, and an experiment that showed the answer for Science class.

“Oh man! Mr. Indmitbuls is not going to let me get by with the ‘I was sick’ excuse. I should have played sick for another day to get out of this.” Mr. Indmitbuls (pronounced “ind MEET bools”) was from foreign lands, and no one knew where, but somehow his first name was Spakhet (pronounced “Spigot”). His full name was Spakhet E. Indmitbuls. Try saying that out loud.

Anyway, all the kids referred to him as certain forms of pasta, so he got no respect at all. To make up for that he was rather strict when students did not do their work, but the kids still did not take him seriously, because Spakhet Indmitbuls was an old man who had dyed his hair bright red

Am I taking this too far? Sorry. Err… let’s go on to the next chapter.

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