My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 1

Leo was a 11-year-old boy. He liked science, math, and many other things that didn’t interest his sisters, Nikki, 14, Maya, 11, and Lila, 7, very much. At all. But Leo liked that, because Nikki never got into his stuff; she said (and Leo had heard this a million times): “I’ve got better things to do.”. And Lila, who liked science, (and occasionally got tutored by Leo, usually because Leo wants her to get off his back and not ask a bajillion questions about what was in his beakers) knew better than to get into stuff that Leo didn’t say was OK to touch. Maya just left him alone.  Lila had been disappearing for months at a time, and only a few days at a time was she at home.     For some reason, Leo found this normal. But for another reason, whenever Lila stayed over, after she left, Mom and Dad couldn’t remember anything they did while she was here.

It was a nice fall afternoon, the orange leaves from the Peterson’s oak tree coating the back lawn, the sun out, and a refreshing breeze blowing around. Leo went to sit on the patio and finish reading his book. He did his homework on the patio too, as well as seventeen million other things. The Peterson family always set their pool up right next to it, too, so swimming was one of them. As he neared the patio, he saw that a plate of cookies was sitting on the patio table. This did not seem that unusual to Leo; his mother left snacks for him all the time.

“Hey Mom! Thanks for the snack!” Leo yelled. His yell went un-responded.

Leo stepped into the house.

“Mom! Thanks for the snack!” He repeated.

“Mom just left for the dentist’s,” Lila said.

“Weird. Mom never bakes right before an appointment.”

“What? Did she leave you a plate of baked goodies?”

“Cookies,” Leo responded.

“Don’t eat any,” Lila warned.

“What’ll happen? Will I turn into a faerie?” Leo grinned.

“Whatever. But if you’re part of a prophecy, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“Like I’m gonna believe your faerie tale!”

Lila was getting angry and spread her wings to prove it, but Leo was already halfway out the door. She started after him, but decided that he could find out himself what a “faerie tale” was. She sniffed in annoyance and whirled on her heels. Why was she wasting her time?

Leo went out and, just to show Lila, stuffed half the cookies into his mouth, and read his book through to the end – twice. Lila was being stupid, Leo thought. And she is, trying that faerie tale thing on me. She probably just wanted my cookies. Little sisters!

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